Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Well we had changes last week andd...drum roll please.... I'm still here.I really thought I had a change, I even packed a little bit because packing for changes is probably the worst. but nope. no stress. 6 more weeks of ollantaytamboooooo. Hermana Davis and I have gotten a little down in the dumps and a little frustrated with the peeps here. Its like we find people and it all looks like its going great then we have the next appointment with them and they tell us basically that they want us to keep visiting them and teaching stuff about god but other then that they dont want to cumplir with anything! Its super dissappointing and thats probably happened 3 times this week. Theres really nothing we can do but keep working durazo and trust that we are making some kind of difference and doing what Heavenly Father wants us to.


So I have this book were I put "moments of the mish" and one of the moments of this past week was..
That moment when...you feel something brush by your backpack, you look down ...you got robbed. 
This past week they had the celebration bajada de reyes (coming of the wise men) with lots of chicha(an alcoholic drink they make here and everybody and their dog drinks and smells terrible) and they had bull fights and Hermana Davis and i stopped to see the hollabaloo and bam..got robbed. lost 36 soles but luckily(tender mercy) it wasn't my wallet that had my credit cards and ID. But I did loose my cool llama wallet:(
another moment
that moment when...there's a cockroach in your shoe...


This week we went to go visit a less active Hermana Felicita, not sure if I've told you about her but shes a lil old and coo coo, like the other day talking about her evil neighbors she was swearing and then during the prayer she started whispering about her neighbors to Hermana Davis ha ha but she's super sweet and funny. But we arrive and shes about to leave to go get firewood and I was like "ya lets go!" so we go all the way down to the train station that goes to machupichu with her (10 minute walk from the house), and start to gather wood by the side of the train tracks and she starts making big ol piles and Hermana Davis and I are like "how in the world are we going to carry all this all the way back home"...like panais..on our backs! So if you can just picture us 2 missionaries with Hermana Felicita  with a HUGE bundles of firewood on our back and just as we are about to leave here comes the train with a big ol load of tourists...perfect timing. so walking through the station we got people taking pictures, we got people laughing...we were quite the tourist attraction. I really don't know how I walked with all that wood all the way home and with my backpack that weighs a ton...felt like a pioneer. but we did it. and it was awesome. #noregrets.

                          TOURIST ATTRACTION

So its the season of the corn here in the Sacred Valley. which mean lots of choclo with fresh cheese....LOTS. Choclo is like corn but with kernals are big and thick. If the rice didn't get me, or the papas or the panetone...this choclo will be the end of me. 

Hey guess what....WERE GOING TO MACHUU PICHUU!! at the end of this change, so like February 17ish! Hermana Davis and I decided to take advantage that we are in the most closest sector in the mission to machu pichuu and instead of having to wake up at 2 in the morning like everyone else from Cusco, we just gotta hop out of our beds and catch the bus!. were excited. 


                                  AFTER CHURCH

Even though its gotten a lil hard with the work here,(president didn't say this was the hardest sector as a joke) I know we are here for a reason. I'm so grateful for the help I get from the Lord. everyday walking from appointment to appointment I get to thinking...what am I going to say?? I'm just a little girl! I don't even know these people! I don't know what they need! and I feel a little like Nephi going back to Jerusalem without the slightest idea what hes going to do but knowing that heavenly father commanded it and therefore has provided a way. And that's the absolute truth, somehow everything works out in the end and we get through it and he fills my mind and mouth with the words. and Its like that in every aspect of my life. I'm SO weak but hes making me stronger. Were always telling people to trust in the Lord and to put their confidence in him and to be patient an have faith in the trails..I think its time to apply that to myself!! 
Love this gospel. I would be nothing without it and I pray that these people can get the change to hear it, to understand it, and to feel Heavenly Father's hand in their lives as I've seen in mine. 

love you guys!!! 



Hermana Rasmussen

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