Thursday, April 30, 2015


Can I just start by saying I LOVE QUILLABAMBA. I love it! I forgot how much I loved and missed it. the climate the people the place EVEYTHING!!!!. I'ts gorgeous and the weather was perfect of course. I was super super super happy. 


when we got there I was on cloud nine I couldn't stop smiling. I got to visit my converts and people that i love so much and it was seriously amazing.

I realized this week more the ever that I love being a missionary! its one of the most amazing opportunities that Heavenly Father has ever given to be and I'm so happy! it was so fun to see Hermana Roxana my old pensionista:) she made my favorite food and even tried to make a cake cause she knows how much I love cake but she was super angry cause it burned ha ha 
I really love my crazy quillabambinans. 


Even though there were some intersting problems with the sisters there in quilla and my comp and I have never been so stressed out in our lives it was an amazing experience. So we got back to cusco saturday like at 5  just in time for me to sing at a baptism. i think we are still recovering from the lack of rest last week. after a week of sleeping on the floor...your body kinda hurts.


 But I KNOW that it was a blessing. 

we got to go back and visit the people and place we love. 

love you all 
Hermana Rasmussen

Monday, April 27, 2015


Sorry not a lot of time to send the big email but I promise next week a reeeeal good one. 

Thank you for all your prayers. I need them. I pray for every single one of you guys everyday

Love you all tons!!

Hermana Rasmussen xxx0000


well as predicted conference was THE BOMB!!

Heydad...temple....Thailand....WHAT!!!! that is SOOOOO awesome!! can we go to the dedication....pweeeeze:)

             A PACKAGE FROM HOME

Well this week we were in Abancay visiting the hermana leaders there and like I said last week it was a 6 hour bus ride...almost threw up but survived.

Aabancay is literally like San Francisco. HIlls. hills and more hills. the calf's of the sisters there are ripped. But it was great.



I worked with hermana Chipunavi from Bolivia, she is one of the best missionaries I know my favorite part of the day was when during one of our lessons a little girl went to the stove grabbed the pot of rice sat down and started stuffing her face with the big spoon with rice....haha  only in south america #loveit  but by the end of the day I was dead and slept like a rock and the great thing is that Abancay has fleas....yep...I have fleas...otra vez..(again).

Friday we picked up hermana Florian (my sister in the mish, we have the same trainer) she came from Juliaca and is finishing her mission so its been fun the to be in trio these last couple of days. but this week with the visits to Abancay and conference we've had about zero time to work in the sector.


               HERMNA FLORIAN

But good news! so changes are today (we dont have changes) and we are only going to be visiting the sisters here in cusco and....QUILLABAMBA!!  I'm going back to  the mother land!!!!!!! which also means less traveling for us which means more time in the sector! we are pretty happy about it.

lunch we went to Bembos and pink berry...that's kinda the perk here in cusco. there is food that is actually prettty real like CHILIES! we like chilies its only a tad bit expensive but its worth every penny. 

                     Pink Berry

love you all tons!!
Hermana Rasmussen 


well this week has been kinda longish. 
we had interviews with prez and of course they were awesome. he talked a lot about the doctrine of Christ and how really the whole point of living the doctrine of Christ is to have the spirit. that should really be the main focus of our lives to have the spirit cause if we have the spirit today we are going to be able to endure to the end today and the next day and the next until eternal life and really the gospel is all connected and its so awesome and important!! 

He also told me: "your twin the other hermana Rasmussen is engaged" wahhhh . Its kinda funny cause I'm the second hermana Rasmussen sister leader in san Jeronimo, so some people get pretty confused cause they see my name and are like another one?
I joke that I'm her resurrected, in her glorified and perfected form haha.. 

we did splits this week with a compeñonship here in cusco and I got to work with the beautiful hermana Hollingshead (she was literally a Disney princess in Florida and in biggie) and we had a great time working together, I was kinda scared cause I really don't know my sector well and she stayed with me in the sector while hermana urgarte worked in their sector. but as always the Lord helped and we had things to do like sort potatoes...Peru isn't Peru without potatoes....or rice...or pollerias and oil.

                 SISTER HOLLINGSHEAD AND I                   SORTING PAPAS

Yesterday was kinda  hard day of work for us we literally walked for hoursss haha and we had citas fijas but everybody failed us! and we even had a member with to accompany us... classic but at the end of the day walking back to the house my feet were super tired and nose almost  frostbitten hermana ugarte and I realized that we should see the miracles and we named all the miracles of the day like how our investigator who's going to get baptized el 11 came to church! and how we needed to contact 7 families to meet our contacting goal and we actually found 9 and a couple of them actually have potential. I learned that finding joy in the journey is actually really good advice, that if we can pay more attention to the roses instead of the thorns we are naturally just going to be more happy and really see that Heavenly father is blessing us even when at times it seems that he is not. 

Tomorrow we are going to Abancay for visits at 6 in the morning for a nice 5 hour bus ride...woot woot! #prayforme -_-

 hug hug kiss kiss 

hermana rasmussen

craving of the week:


well these last couple weeks have been a bit cray crazy. 
well last Monday went on splits with my beloved Hermana Essig in Tio which was really fun, love her so much. we have realized we have come a LONG way from the CCM...thank goodness. 

                                             Sister Essig 

Then wendsday we had concilio with presidente which is a training meeting we have at the mission home with all the zone leaders and hermana leaders and prez and hermana harbertson.

Its awesome every time we get to hear prez talk, its just
like spiritual awesomeness coming out of his mouth every time. He talked a lot about obedience and also how everything we are learning here in the mish is going to help us out so much with whatever job were going to to do after.Its so true, there's rules and standards everywhere, school,  jobs, life and if we can't learn how to keep the rules here in the mish were not going to know how in other places.

Also we eat a SUPER yummy lunch, we had lagzañaaa and VEGGIEs!!! and cake and icecream... spiritually and physically fed to the MAX.

last week we also visited the hermanas in Puerto Maldonado (The Jungle).And like I said we had to go in plane and you all know how I am with planes...but I experienced a modern day miracle....the church is true and there really is nothing more american then apple pie. There can be miracleeees when you belieeeeeve(whitney houston voice)
but really I thought I would die on that airplane ride but....I didn't get sick, I didn't feel nauseated, ya sure it wasn't my favorite part of the week but I was fine and was able to work normally when we arrived and got back. 


So Puerto Maldonado basically in the MIDDLE of the jungle and hotter than Africa. its like quillabamaba but MORE jungle and WAAY more hotter. When we arrived I got off the plane and thought the wing motor was blowing hot air and my thoughts exactly were ugh this is uncomfortable and kept walking away from the wasn't the plane. its super humid and hot. its like Florida and Hawaii combined. but I was super happy at least it wasn't cold cusco. Theres 2 companionship of sisters in Puerto so the first day I was with Hermana Tango( who I lived with in quilla) and it was really fun.

              PUERTO MALDONADO

Puerto is really different. everyone is more layed back and has a chill personality and everyone's house is out in the open and there's less clothes...but LOTS more fruit. I think I tried like 5 new fruits that I didn't even know existed. 

The second day I was with Hermana White and it was SO HOT, I have never sweated so much and I casi NUNCA sweat, so that just tells ya how hot it was. I drank like 8 glasses of refresco that day and only went to the bathroom once...where as here its like I drink a little glass of water and I gotta go 5 minutes later. But it was a cool experience, I'm excited to go back and visit.

                WITH SISTER TANGO

Then this week we were in Urubamba visiting the sisters there and seeing as how they are now visiting ollantaytambo I worked with hermana Minaya todo el dia (all day) in my good old Ollanta. Hermana Juana (my other mother) was sooooper happy and made my favorite lunch colifor rebosado with palta(shes the best) and I was able to visit a couple of people, of course a ton of people weren't home..typical ollanta but it was fun being in old territory.

I really like visiting the Other hermanas but it gets kinda hard cause we are not in our sector as much as I would like. I'm still getting to know people and getting to know my Ginormous sector and the change is almost done and it seems I've only been in the sector 2 weeks... but the Lord will help us out. 

This morning at 2 in the morning we had to drop of my comp to go to machu pichu so I'm kinda tired and its not the first time I've had to wake up before the sun this week(taking sisters to the airport)...then today I visited the ruins of ollanta wiht the hermanas I live with which was much fun. 


well love you all hope your lives are as crazy as makes life that much more interesting. 
Hermana rasmussen

                WITH MY COMP 

quote of the week:
hermana azevdo who I live with: yo quiero mis poop cats 
(trying to say kittens, thinking about puppies) 

craving of the week: apple pie and home made quesadillas in the microwave

                                            BEAUTIFUL JUNGLE