Monday, June 29, 2015


Well I don't want to say it but this is the first day of the last change.. I truly can't believe it. I don't think it is fully clicking just yet, but I had a little realization this week which turned into it is safe to say this change is going to be a full on bawl fest.

My goal now is to enjoy every minute I have in this amazing country with these amazing people that I truly truly love SO MUCH. even though they have weird beliefs about how you can get sick and force feed me and they are sometimes super dramatic and love gossip BUT I love them with all my heart and its going to hurt so much to leave them. But there's still time. 

well the weather, its really cold in the morning and at night but during the day the sun is SUPER fuerte so I'm pretty sure I'm getting tanner (woot woot) the more latina I look the better like for example today a guy playing guitar on the bus asking for money told me in English that Jesus would never do what I did (when I didn't give him money). 

well yesterday was the best. well in the morning we ran (literally) (i thought my comp was going to loose a lung, shes not used the the altitude quite yet haha) we went to pick up for church an investigator we found this week Marileni and her son Fernando, who live up in basically a mountain of cusco and we get there and she wasn't there so we has to book it to la santa cena (sacrament) and we get there just in time for the prayer and I close my eyes and mid prayer I realize that Mario, our less active that we found, was blessing the sacrament!! me and my comp realized at the same time and were grabbing each others hands in joy it was the best and to open my eyes to see him there suit and tie...#priceless. and then to look back and see Marleni there with Fernando..... the Lord loves us. 

Have a great week. eat some good BBQ for me pweeeze. I will NEVER take a good hamburger for granteed....evurrrrrrrr


Hermana Rasmussen

Dinosaurs in Cusco

Well last week for pday we went to the dinosaur park...

Yesterday I got to go to the 3 sessions of the Trujillo temple dedication! it was spiritually awesome possum. it made me miss the temple oh so much!! It got a little trunky when Elder Tate was talking about eternal marriage...and how when he got sealed to his wife he couldn't concentrate because the most beautiful girl in the whole world was kneeling across from him....AWWWwww..wuv...twoo wuvvvv.

Anyways it was wonderful prez Uchtdorf dedicated the temple and Elder Bednar was there and guess what....PREZ UCHTDORF is coming to Cusco....TODAY! and guess what else....WE GET to SEE HIM! it starts at 6 but we are going to get in line at like 4... I'm excited. 

This week President and Hermana Harbertson visited everyone's house and President interviewed everyone. it was great of course we were cleaning like locas the night before...shhhh.

It was wonderful, interviews are always very informational and uplifting...president and I were laughing cause I was so awkward talking in English...lets just say I struggled. 

we'll when you live in a house of ALL latinas, you don't really practice your English. I sometimes I get in that middle stage were I can't speak either language and in the end I just want to eat chocolate.

So the weather is nice you say... :( at least I have my heater. I think its going to blow up one of these days cause I use it so much. 

Haha my comp told my pensionista she wanted my pensionista has never had tacos before... but we were pretty excited when she told us she was going to make them...we get to the house and there's chicken, avocado, and onions and beans and the most important part: tortillas...which she tried to make herself instead of buying them..they turned out to be really really good...pancakes.... pancakes and taco stuffing....not such a good combo...our stomached were like whats happening. what are you doing to us.

well have a great week. I pray for you all on the daily. miss and love you all SOO much.

Hermana Rasmussen



Our investigator Maria



             Ants are invading our kitchen



Well its kinda suuuuper cold now here in cuscotopia. you really can't trust the weather. one second its colder then the Costco refrigerated section and the next the sun is burning your face. as long as i have my heater I think I will survive. 

Seriously these weeks are flying by. we are working super super hard and I cant believe we are going on our 4th week! well training is great and a little tiring but we are definitely seeing miracles. 

Now I am only beginning to understand what it means to be a mom.... SO much patience!!! but I really am lucky cause Hermana Nuila is great and is learning and has a great attitude about it all. 

Shes having a little trouble getting up in the morning but I have learned from you dad how to fix that;) too bad I don't have a piano to pound out some charlie brown at 6 in the morning... 

This morning a member fed us breakfast of tamales..which were super yummy and ponche de habas...not quite sure what habas is in English....

haha funny experience so we went to go visit a family and it was dark and we had just walked up a huge hill and through the mud cause it had rained earlier when all of a sudden a big heard of cows, big cows little cows, BULLS, come out of no where, and they are all over the street and a car starts to come so they all get scared and so it turns into running of the bulls ha ha and we are almost to the door of the house and here comes a bull towards my comp and so she starts pounding on the door yelling was priceless. 

As I said the Lord is merciful...we have seen miracles every single day. 
for example on of maaaany, yesterday the family of a less active teenager we found came church! #miricle 
love this gospel, love being a missionary, love conference talks!!
love you all soooo much!

Hermana R