Monday, June 29, 2015



Well its kinda suuuuper cold now here in cuscotopia. you really can't trust the weather. one second its colder then the Costco refrigerated section and the next the sun is burning your face. as long as i have my heater I think I will survive. 

Seriously these weeks are flying by. we are working super super hard and I cant believe we are going on our 4th week! well training is great and a little tiring but we are definitely seeing miracles. 

Now I am only beginning to understand what it means to be a mom.... SO much patience!!! but I really am lucky cause Hermana Nuila is great and is learning and has a great attitude about it all. 

Shes having a little trouble getting up in the morning but I have learned from you dad how to fix that;) too bad I don't have a piano to pound out some charlie brown at 6 in the morning... 

This morning a member fed us breakfast of tamales..which were super yummy and ponche de habas...not quite sure what habas is in English....

haha funny experience so we went to go visit a family and it was dark and we had just walked up a huge hill and through the mud cause it had rained earlier when all of a sudden a big heard of cows, big cows little cows, BULLS, come out of no where, and they are all over the street and a car starts to come so they all get scared and so it turns into running of the bulls ha ha and we are almost to the door of the house and here comes a bull towards my comp and so she starts pounding on the door yelling was priceless. 

As I said the Lord is merciful...we have seen miracles every single day. 
for example on of maaaany, yesterday the family of a less active teenager we found came church! #miricle 
love this gospel, love being a missionary, love conference talks!!
love you all soooo much!

Hermana R

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