Friday, February 27, 2015


I can't really concentrate to write something good. 

Changes. I'm an hermana leader in san Geronimo. 

My new comp is from Argentina shes awesome she is the daughter of Jill. 

My comp is going to sicuani. 

and they call it...puppy loouuuuve‏/MACCHU PICCHU THE BEST!!!!

Well this has been a fun lil week....yesterday went to MACCHU biggie. 

It was fun stuff, got up at 3:30am, waited in the plaza at 4:30 to catch the combie filled with the other missionaries going, come to find out we were the only Hermanas in the group of elders going and most of these elders are ending their missions in a week so that's cool. when we got to aguas calientes it was rainy cloudy and I was super sad praying for the sun and by the time we got up there aaahhhhlelujuah, prayer works, and the sun came out just for hermana Rasmussen. 

We had like 3 hours to explore the other parts of machu pichu so we went over to the Inca bridge which is like this trail up against the mountain that has a big ol space in between it and they have wood planks connecting the two sides (the picture will help my poor description) but it was cool.  then we took a lovely tour of machhu picchu and I listened cough cough and learned cough cough a LOT..cough... :) It was super pretty and green and just a lovely experience. but after we were SO TIRED..#worthit.


                                                          The bridge

Valentines and hermana Davis had fun. haha we obviously were each others valentines and we had fun leaving each other lil surprises all day which consisted of  chocolates and cute lil love notes haha I love her.  Then that night we had our show de talentos, me and hermana Davis did a sweet mix of songs and hymns with her ukelele (oh creationes del señor, somewhere over the rainbow, acompañame, stand by me, oh mi padre, what a wonderful world) then elder zerillo and hermana vitola and hermana solar joined in with drums and a rain stick haha and with 2 hours of practice right before it came out pretty sweeeet. Then we missionaries did funny sketches. it was all in all a good ol valentines night full of love...the love of Christ that is;) 

So on sunday a couple from Colorado came to church and they said they were staying in Ollanta and low and behold later that day we ran into them and they invited us to dinner at their super nice YES.. yeaaaa...we ate STEAK O_O reeeeal meat! and this amazing red quinua salad..hmmmm. They were so nice! I cant wait to pay it forward someday and give the missionaries cookies and steak! 

              Our angel friends from Colorado

sunday was carnivals...we ate this traditional soup that had like a million things in it, corn, rice, potatoes, yuca, carrots, peaches, this other root, morayah, cabbage, meat and I'm pretty sure some other stuff but what they do is they boil all those things and then take out all the stuff and you eat the broth and then eat all the things separately in a huge pile on your was interesting. not my fav but once in a life time kind of thing. 


Well that's all folks. remember read your scriptures, pray, go to church, go to the temple(I miss the temple SO MUCH) 
because by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. 
do the small and simple things and your life will be GREAT!  


Hermana Rasmussen

Just Keep Swimming.....

This week in ollanta....(in soap opera voice...las peruanas LOVE their novelas)
this week not much teaching has been going on but we made the goal last week to find more opportunities to do service and this week really has been full of service. 

while walking down the street this lady was sorting her habas, that they had just harvested from their chacra, from twigs and stuff and so I was like hey you need help! and we started helping and it was cool just getting to know her and serve her and I have learned that is really how you gain the confidence of the people, when you serve and show that they matter. She said we could come back next week to visit her and she gave us a bag of habas #bendiciones (#blessings). come to find out shes a recently widowed lady who hermana Juana always tried to get her to receive the missionaries but she never wanted it, but now we got the foot in the door and I hope we can see a miracle here. 

I always think of the gran ejemplo of Ammon serving rey Lamoni and therefore gained his confidence after the whole arm chopping incident and then was able to teach the king and in the end it led to the conversion of MUCHOS. 

Another time we went to go see is Miriam a really awesome investigator who is NEVER ever home because shes always working cause she lives in Ollanta alone with her three little girls all of home are under the age of 6. we arrived at the right moment when she was just about to leave to take her HUGE pan of empanadas she just made to sell at the train station to the oven which was kinda far, WITH her baby on her back! WITH another big basket to put them in. SO we helped her take them to the oven and put them on big metal sheets in the hot oven room, but after while waiting for them to cook we were able to have a great lesson with her and really get to know her needs and come to find out shes reading the book of Mormon!  it was just a big tender mercy.  I LUV SERVICE!!! and you can't see service in the numbers that is for sure. numbers this week=poop

Thank you so much for your prayers this week. I HAVE felt them and have felt some force pushing me with strength I didn't have to do things I could never do alone
love my life that Heavenly Father has given me and this chance that I  have to be here...even if families reject us all the time and lie to us and start yelling at each other afterwords  its all good WE WILL CONQUER!!

Hermana Rasmussen

Rain drops keep falling on my head

Last night was pretty much terrible ha ha...its just a little freezing every night and I night just have a slightly terrible flea problem... but life is GOOD

Well this week was a bit rough for us here in Ollanta. It seems like every person we are visiting wasn't home or dropped on the face of the earth or during the lesson ended up crying telling us about the serious problems they are having. In those lessons I was just constantly praying to know what to say to help these people cause their lives are really really rough and really only He knows how to help.  
this week I kept wanting to sing"raindrops keep fallin on my head"  for the people and cause its the rainy season and SUPER cold. 

This week we had a multi zone conference in cusco with president which was spiritually exhausting and awesome as always but he talked about trails and the refiners fire and the scripture in DyC 136:31 that says "My people must be tried in all things, that they may be prepared to receive the glory that I have for them, even the glory of Zion; and he that will not bear chastisement is not worthy of my kingdom."
And really just because we have trials does not mean God loves us less or doesn't mean we have done something wrong, but means Heavenly Father is preparing us for the glory and blessings that come after we have passed through our trails.The refiners fire is REAL and is actually a beautiful blessing in disguise.

Being a missionary is awesome, oh so hard but so awesome. The truth is there are days when you wake up and you don't feel like saving the world and you want to find a cave and buy a bunch of cookies and chocolate milk and hide there for a time, but with the help of the Lord and with diligence and sacrifice he pushes you and sends you blessings and help that you probably don't deserve. 

Sometimes you gotta take a step back, breath, and realize that life is good, that god loves you and looking with an eternal perspective, that glory and blessings that we can't even comprehend are coming. 

stay firm 
stay focused 
and hold on to that iron rod!

l8tr sk8trs

Hermana Rasmussen

Monday, February 2, 2015



So I didn't write yesterday because our p-day de zona got nuts. we basically hiked up an entire mountain...which was HUGE!! 3 hours of hiking up a mountain we were all pretty dead and super hot and tired and all the Hermanas were complaining at the elders and in the end the ruins we hiked up to see weren't even that great...I can see much cooler ruins outside my window every morning! the best part was on the way down it starts raining freezing rain which nobody was prepared for. we started the hike at like 1 and  were driving home at like 6.... super tired and super hungry we all went and ate dinner/lunch and got home at 9:30 like zombies. but it all makes for a good time. my favorite part was all the Latina sisters yelling stuff at the elders all the things they know in English like "I will kill you!" "Im going to break your face!" ha ha now just imagine the Latina accent with those phrases..#priceless

Last Pday all the sister in our district went to a members hotel place that they own which is super super nice and we just chilled there all day and played with her little boy and when we got there it was really cold so she gave us all those pull overs #stylin. she made us Italian food cause they lived in Italy for like 10 years mmm so gewd. 

I'm in charge of primary music time again.. its the best. Hermana Davis and I like it much better then relief society...much more entertaining even though the kids can be...difficult. I just love how kids are just so much more willing to learn and accept what you teach them...which is probably the opposite of most of the people here. 

this week in my personal reading I've discovered how much I LOVE reading the stories of the missionaries in the Book of Mormon like Alma and Amulek and the sons of Mosiah. they are SO awesome and strong and powerful and teach the socks off of all the people they teach. And even if the people don't listen and hate on them and want to kill them, they just keep on going and go through so much to bring people to the knowledge of the savior and the plan of salvation. This work is SO important and I have been learning that it is so worth every sacrifice so that the everyone especially those who are prepared and willing can have the chance to repent and know their Savior and find the peace of knowing that we are part of the the perfect plan of a loving Heavenly Father who's purpose and work is our eternal happiness. 

LOVE YOU all soooo very much. pray for you everyday.

I'm so Happy I am here, I'm learning SO much. I wouldn't have it any other way

Peace Out bean sprouts


Hermana Rasmussen