Friday, February 27, 2015

Just Keep Swimming.....

This week in ollanta....(in soap opera voice...las peruanas LOVE their novelas)
this week not much teaching has been going on but we made the goal last week to find more opportunities to do service and this week really has been full of service. 

while walking down the street this lady was sorting her habas, that they had just harvested from their chacra, from twigs and stuff and so I was like hey you need help! and we started helping and it was cool just getting to know her and serve her and I have learned that is really how you gain the confidence of the people, when you serve and show that they matter. She said we could come back next week to visit her and she gave us a bag of habas #bendiciones (#blessings). come to find out shes a recently widowed lady who hermana Juana always tried to get her to receive the missionaries but she never wanted it, but now we got the foot in the door and I hope we can see a miracle here. 

I always think of the gran ejemplo of Ammon serving rey Lamoni and therefore gained his confidence after the whole arm chopping incident and then was able to teach the king and in the end it led to the conversion of MUCHOS. 

Another time we went to go see is Miriam a really awesome investigator who is NEVER ever home because shes always working cause she lives in Ollanta alone with her three little girls all of home are under the age of 6. we arrived at the right moment when she was just about to leave to take her HUGE pan of empanadas she just made to sell at the train station to the oven which was kinda far, WITH her baby on her back! WITH another big basket to put them in. SO we helped her take them to the oven and put them on big metal sheets in the hot oven room, but after while waiting for them to cook we were able to have a great lesson with her and really get to know her needs and come to find out shes reading the book of Mormon!  it was just a big tender mercy.  I LUV SERVICE!!! and you can't see service in the numbers that is for sure. numbers this week=poop

Thank you so much for your prayers this week. I HAVE felt them and have felt some force pushing me with strength I didn't have to do things I could never do alone
love my life that Heavenly Father has given me and this chance that I  have to be here...even if families reject us all the time and lie to us and start yelling at each other afterwords  its all good WE WILL CONQUER!!

Hermana Rasmussen

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