Friday, February 27, 2015

and they call it...puppy loouuuuve‏/MACCHU PICCHU THE BEST!!!!

Well this has been a fun lil week....yesterday went to MACCHU biggie. 

It was fun stuff, got up at 3:30am, waited in the plaza at 4:30 to catch the combie filled with the other missionaries going, come to find out we were the only Hermanas in the group of elders going and most of these elders are ending their missions in a week so that's cool. when we got to aguas calientes it was rainy cloudy and I was super sad praying for the sun and by the time we got up there aaahhhhlelujuah, prayer works, and the sun came out just for hermana Rasmussen. 

We had like 3 hours to explore the other parts of machu pichu so we went over to the Inca bridge which is like this trail up against the mountain that has a big ol space in between it and they have wood planks connecting the two sides (the picture will help my poor description) but it was cool.  then we took a lovely tour of machhu picchu and I listened cough cough and learned cough cough a LOT..cough... :) It was super pretty and green and just a lovely experience. but after we were SO TIRED..#worthit.


                                                          The bridge

Valentines and hermana Davis had fun. haha we obviously were each others valentines and we had fun leaving each other lil surprises all day which consisted of  chocolates and cute lil love notes haha I love her.  Then that night we had our show de talentos, me and hermana Davis did a sweet mix of songs and hymns with her ukelele (oh creationes del señor, somewhere over the rainbow, acompañame, stand by me, oh mi padre, what a wonderful world) then elder zerillo and hermana vitola and hermana solar joined in with drums and a rain stick haha and with 2 hours of practice right before it came out pretty sweeeet. Then we missionaries did funny sketches. it was all in all a good ol valentines night full of love...the love of Christ that is;) 

So on sunday a couple from Colorado came to church and they said they were staying in Ollanta and low and behold later that day we ran into them and they invited us to dinner at their super nice YES.. yeaaaa...we ate STEAK O_O reeeeal meat! and this amazing red quinua salad..hmmmm. They were so nice! I cant wait to pay it forward someday and give the missionaries cookies and steak! 

              Our angel friends from Colorado

sunday was carnivals...we ate this traditional soup that had like a million things in it, corn, rice, potatoes, yuca, carrots, peaches, this other root, morayah, cabbage, meat and I'm pretty sure some other stuff but what they do is they boil all those things and then take out all the stuff and you eat the broth and then eat all the things separately in a huge pile on your was interesting. not my fav but once in a life time kind of thing. 


Well that's all folks. remember read your scriptures, pray, go to church, go to the temple(I miss the temple SO MUCH) 
because by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. 
do the small and simple things and your life will be GREAT!  


Hermana Rasmussen

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