Monday, February 2, 2015



So I didn't write yesterday because our p-day de zona got nuts. we basically hiked up an entire mountain...which was HUGE!! 3 hours of hiking up a mountain we were all pretty dead and super hot and tired and all the Hermanas were complaining at the elders and in the end the ruins we hiked up to see weren't even that great...I can see much cooler ruins outside my window every morning! the best part was on the way down it starts raining freezing rain which nobody was prepared for. we started the hike at like 1 and  were driving home at like 6.... super tired and super hungry we all went and ate dinner/lunch and got home at 9:30 like zombies. but it all makes for a good time. my favorite part was all the Latina sisters yelling stuff at the elders all the things they know in English like "I will kill you!" "Im going to break your face!" ha ha now just imagine the Latina accent with those phrases..#priceless

Last Pday all the sister in our district went to a members hotel place that they own which is super super nice and we just chilled there all day and played with her little boy and when we got there it was really cold so she gave us all those pull overs #stylin. she made us Italian food cause they lived in Italy for like 10 years mmm so gewd. 

I'm in charge of primary music time again.. its the best. Hermana Davis and I like it much better then relief society...much more entertaining even though the kids can be...difficult. I just love how kids are just so much more willing to learn and accept what you teach them...which is probably the opposite of most of the people here. 

this week in my personal reading I've discovered how much I LOVE reading the stories of the missionaries in the Book of Mormon like Alma and Amulek and the sons of Mosiah. they are SO awesome and strong and powerful and teach the socks off of all the people they teach. And even if the people don't listen and hate on them and want to kill them, they just keep on going and go through so much to bring people to the knowledge of the savior and the plan of salvation. This work is SO important and I have been learning that it is so worth every sacrifice so that the everyone especially those who are prepared and willing can have the chance to repent and know their Savior and find the peace of knowing that we are part of the the perfect plan of a loving Heavenly Father who's purpose and work is our eternal happiness. 

LOVE YOU all soooo very much. pray for you everyday.

I'm so Happy I am here, I'm learning SO much. I wouldn't have it any other way

Peace Out bean sprouts


Hermana Rasmussen

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