Thursday, April 30, 2015


Can I just start by saying I LOVE QUILLABAMBA. I love it! I forgot how much I loved and missed it. the climate the people the place EVEYTHING!!!!. I'ts gorgeous and the weather was perfect of course. I was super super super happy. 


when we got there I was on cloud nine I couldn't stop smiling. I got to visit my converts and people that i love so much and it was seriously amazing.

I realized this week more the ever that I love being a missionary! its one of the most amazing opportunities that Heavenly Father has ever given to be and I'm so happy! it was so fun to see Hermana Roxana my old pensionista:) she made my favorite food and even tried to make a cake cause she knows how much I love cake but she was super angry cause it burned ha ha 
I really love my crazy quillabambinans. 


Even though there were some intersting problems with the sisters there in quilla and my comp and I have never been so stressed out in our lives it was an amazing experience. So we got back to cusco saturday like at 5  just in time for me to sing at a baptism. i think we are still recovering from the lack of rest last week. after a week of sleeping on the floor...your body kinda hurts.


 But I KNOW that it was a blessing. 

we got to go back and visit the people and place we love. 

love you all 
Hermana Rasmussen

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