Monday, April 27, 2015


well this week has been kinda longish. 
we had interviews with prez and of course they were awesome. he talked a lot about the doctrine of Christ and how really the whole point of living the doctrine of Christ is to have the spirit. that should really be the main focus of our lives to have the spirit cause if we have the spirit today we are going to be able to endure to the end today and the next day and the next until eternal life and really the gospel is all connected and its so awesome and important!! 

He also told me: "your twin the other hermana Rasmussen is engaged" wahhhh . Its kinda funny cause I'm the second hermana Rasmussen sister leader in san Jeronimo, so some people get pretty confused cause they see my name and are like another one?
I joke that I'm her resurrected, in her glorified and perfected form haha.. 

we did splits this week with a compeñonship here in cusco and I got to work with the beautiful hermana Hollingshead (she was literally a Disney princess in Florida and in biggie) and we had a great time working together, I was kinda scared cause I really don't know my sector well and she stayed with me in the sector while hermana urgarte worked in their sector. but as always the Lord helped and we had things to do like sort potatoes...Peru isn't Peru without potatoes....or rice...or pollerias and oil.

                 SISTER HOLLINGSHEAD AND I                   SORTING PAPAS

Yesterday was kinda  hard day of work for us we literally walked for hoursss haha and we had citas fijas but everybody failed us! and we even had a member with to accompany us... classic but at the end of the day walking back to the house my feet were super tired and nose almost  frostbitten hermana ugarte and I realized that we should see the miracles and we named all the miracles of the day like how our investigator who's going to get baptized el 11 came to church! and how we needed to contact 7 families to meet our contacting goal and we actually found 9 and a couple of them actually have potential. I learned that finding joy in the journey is actually really good advice, that if we can pay more attention to the roses instead of the thorns we are naturally just going to be more happy and really see that Heavenly father is blessing us even when at times it seems that he is not. 

Tomorrow we are going to Abancay for visits at 6 in the morning for a nice 5 hour bus ride...woot woot! #prayforme -_-

 hug hug kiss kiss 

hermana rasmussen

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