Monday, April 27, 2015


well as predicted conference was THE BOMB!!

Heydad...temple....Thailand....WHAT!!!! that is SOOOOO awesome!! can we go to the dedication....pweeeeze:)

             A PACKAGE FROM HOME

Well this week we were in Abancay visiting the hermana leaders there and like I said last week it was a 6 hour bus ride...almost threw up but survived.

Aabancay is literally like San Francisco. HIlls. hills and more hills. the calf's of the sisters there are ripped. But it was great.



I worked with hermana Chipunavi from Bolivia, she is one of the best missionaries I know my favorite part of the day was when during one of our lessons a little girl went to the stove grabbed the pot of rice sat down and started stuffing her face with the big spoon with rice....haha  only in south america #loveit  but by the end of the day I was dead and slept like a rock and the great thing is that Abancay has fleas....yep...I have fleas...otra vez..(again).

Friday we picked up hermana Florian (my sister in the mish, we have the same trainer) she came from Juliaca and is finishing her mission so its been fun the to be in trio these last couple of days. but this week with the visits to Abancay and conference we've had about zero time to work in the sector.


               HERMNA FLORIAN

But good news! so changes are today (we dont have changes) and we are only going to be visiting the sisters here in cusco and....QUILLABAMBA!!  I'm going back to  the mother land!!!!!!! which also means less traveling for us which means more time in the sector! we are pretty happy about it.

lunch we went to Bembos and pink berry...that's kinda the perk here in cusco. there is food that is actually prettty real like CHILIES! we like chilies its only a tad bit expensive but its worth every penny. 

                     Pink Berry

love you all tons!!
Hermana Rasmussen 

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