Monday, January 12, 2015


I don't know  what to say about this week but this week but felt puuurty long.

We had a conference in Cusco and Elder David Evans came and talked to us, he is a general authority, the head of the missionary department I think? but anyways of course it was soops spiritual especially at the end of the conference when prez announced to us that he received the call that morning that his dad passed away, and he told us how it was expected but how every year for his birthday instead of getting his dad presents because he had everything, he would do one activity with his dad every month, and when he got called to be a mission president which was in the middle of the year he told his dad that when he got back they would finish the activities for the next 6 months, and he just told us about going through hard things and cherishing the relationships we have in this life and how we will have them in the next.

Of course all the sisters were sniffling and pretty sure the elders shed a few, the spirit was just so thick! and then of course I had the lovely pressure cough cough opportunity to give the closing prayer after that spiritual bomb feast. but all went well. it was fun to see everyone from my district in the ccm and my old comps...blast from the past. then after of course Hermana Davis and I went to dunkin donuts....while in cusco you just don't pass up super unhealthy american yummy food. that's just a rule while in Peru in general.

we had a "thanksgiving" activity here but after much deliberation about the activity and some argue about culture and customs they called it (translated) "share and give thanks". we made banana bread and may I just say D-lish. didn't last long. 

The "thanksgiving" dinner we had reminded me of charlie brown. I'll just say there was hot dogs, popcorn, jello ha ha. my favorite part was definitely at the end when the women went in with their bags to snatch the left overs.. typical Peruvians:) I might have or have not been part of the scrawl.. que puedo decir, es en mi sangre:) what can I say, its in ,my blood.



Us being super appy walking up a huge hill that we always have to hike up‏


There's a gringo family in our ward who are going to live here for a couple of months and they invited us all the missionaries over for a real (well as real as we can get) thanksgiving dinner can I get a woot woot. we are so excited. 

Have an amazing thanksgiving week everybody get fat and happy Thursday and eat all the pie you could possibly eat for me and mom don't get too crazy on black Friday like we did last year...

kiss kiss

Hermana Rasmussen

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