Monday, January 12, 2015


well I really have no idea how to start this email. holidaywoobywatty??

umm first Christmas!! it was awesome talking to you guys. that was probably the best thing that happened all day, that and eating tacos. I forgot how much I just miss hanging out with you guys and talking about lyfe. 

well Christmas started and we woke up and I wrapped Hermana Davis presents and went downstairs and my  pensionista was like "wow there's a present for you by the tree, who could I be from??" ha ha she so cute. then we ate breakfast normal, for traditions sake I ate panetone and hot chocolate they made and ate the night before, it was cold and kinda chunky but hey...that's become my new normal. The night before they wanted us to join in on the fiesta at 12 and eat fried chicken and all that good unhealthy Peruvian stuff but my comp was sick throwing up and I was tired from trying to find people who weren't home all day so we stuck to the rules slept... until like 1 when I was woken up by the fiesta and fireworks that sounded like the revolutionary war. 

Happy NEW YEARs! wow 2014 seemed super long and SO many things happened! I'm a new person and it's wonderful. 
well new years eve the son of our laundry lady Hermana Victoria (they are members) who lives right next to us had his baptism. They are passing through a rough patch right now, her husband who is also a member has now seemed to joined to dark side of the force so we're just trying to help her out and give her support and  the days before we taught her son Diego about baptism and el espiritu santo and Hermana Davis and I did the program for the baptism and we did a special musical number, a cool mash up of I like to look for rainbows and I feel my Saviors love" with her playing her ukelele and me singing. keeping in line with Peruvian tradition the baptism that was supposed to start at 6...started at 8. cause we had to wait for the priesthood to show up and be witness. 

The dad never showed up but all went well and it was super cute and spiritual. and one of the best parts was a recent convert teenager Yohann who has been on the fence for a while gave a talk and him and lil Diego are like best friends so that was really awesome, he was super nervous but did goood. and now is going to bless the sacrament this sunday. So that makes us super happy. 

So here in Peru they wear yellow for new years as good luck...but what I didn't know was that yellow underwear is a bigger tradition. so outside of the market everywhere you turned there's yellow underwear...., every type, for every age, for every size....YELLOW UnDERwear!!!! ha ha one  of the elders bought a pair for his companion as a joke. 
But that night also was the activity in the church for new years but obviously we couldn't stay but all the missionaries we grabbed the snacks and hit the rode even though everyone wanted to dance, we resisted. it was actually super late and we still had travel back to ollanta and it was raining super hard, so yet again we were outside of the gas station waiting for a combie from cusco to come and hitch a ride to ollanta. the Lord answers prayers and we found one. 

Not much else has happened..oh ya ha ha yesterday we were in a lesson with a less active girl we are rescuing (Dinnes) and this white lady comes to deliver something and shes dress like she grabbed every random possible thing at DI and put it on, and were just sitting there and shes at the door and Dinnes is like oh these are the missionaries, and She looks at us like we have a disease and is like "oh ohhh  I know ya I'm good with my path I'm a sociologist (or something like that), I'm anti missionary I know all about mormons, ya like don't pray for me or anything" like super freaked out... O_o  and me and Hermnana Davis are just like calm down lady we haven't even said anything! but you know what we did that night?....we prayed for her ha ha. 

this is the last week of the change the days are long and the week s are flying by. I really hope I don't get a change next week, my comp keeps saying I'm headed for Puno...NOOooo. its gotten really cold here and rainy and I feel like a bear that just wants to hibernate in a cave for a few I mean if I'm feeling that here I can't imagine what I will feel down there. I dunno we'll see what happens. #prayforme 

well that's all for now folks. The gospel is the best thing in the entire world and is the only safe path in this world of SO problems and worries and only through Jesus and his expiation will we truly find peace and lasting happiness in this life and blessings that Heavenly Father wants to give us so bad but can't until we show our obedience and faith. 

have fun in the snow. aw I miss seeing Mia eat the snow and run around and be a weirdo. Love youuuuu

new years kisses

Hermana Rasmussen

p.s I think my paneton streak has ended. I'm pretty sure I overdosed last night...I never want to see another piece of paneton for the rest of my life. 

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