Monday, January 12, 2015


So...just a suggestion...the next time you watch jungle book, pay extra close attention to baloo the bear when he gives the instructions on how to pick a prickly pear....because hes not kidding. So in Spanish prickly pear is Tuna which grows on cactus, and if you remember my shpeel on how I'm always on the lookout for fruta gratis (free fruit)so finally while Hermana Davis and I were in rumira(a lil pueblo like 1 mile away from the house) Hermana Davis spotted a ripe tuna! so she carefully picked it and gave it to me, and me being super patient I dived in totally ignoring the fact that it was a prickly pear...emphasis on the prickly....long story short, yes I ate it but had little tiny thorns all up in my fingers and one in my lip which Hermana Davis gladly took out ha ha but then I had to walk the long trip home with my hands in the air like a surgeon before surgery. Hermana Davis had a good laugh #cactusbutt #lionking. when we got home Hermana Juana and Hermana Vicky had to take them all out with tweezers, it didn't really hurt at all it was all just kinda funny. but next time I know just to use the paw....have I given you a clue?

Hermana Juana helping me to get the thorns out

Well the truth is it does not feel like Christmas time. half the time I forget its diciembre and its flying by so fast! basically we are going to blink and tomorrow is Christmas. So here they really don't have any strong traditions they just eat paneton y chocolatada(hot chocolate that is just average)  on Christmas eve but paneton....I didn't like it much in the house but here...its SO GOOOD and fresh and mmm mmm. if I wont get fat from the mountain of rice they feed me why not just put a slab of paneton to go with it. I wont complain. 


So the weather here is being SO WEIRD. literally one second it feels like Quillamba and the next it feels like I'm about to go into a depression because its so cold. The other day it was nuts, so it was super hot and i was super happy and then all of a sudden the wind picked up and we look a here comes the scariest darkest rain clouds you have ever seen so we book it towards the house and just when we get to our street it starts HAILING like big ol ice chunkies that hurt so we are screaming and running to the house (not the first time). Hermana Juana said that there has never been weather like that in ollanta since shes lived here and im pretty sure that's a long time cause shes  like the grandmother willow of ollanta and EVERYbody knows her. ha ha every one keeps saying it was being the people of ollanta are so bad that the weather is like this ha ha I wouldn't be surprised.  

Well so we have started to have noche de hogares(fhe) here for the people in ollanta and it takes all of our power to get people to come and this last one was pretty much a miracle. so usually we have a lesson with a couple that we are teaching and then they come with us to the noche de hogar but this last week we had the lesson and then after they were like syc! we cant come...but maybe we can come later...  -_- noooo! so we went to the house and like no one was there so I went to the bathroom and i just prayed like PLEASE have people show up, then since no one was there Hermana Davis and I went to buy milk for the hot chocolate and when we got back BANG miracle a whole bunch of people show up that have never come to our noche de hogares. Hermana Davis and I were just like whaaaaat is happening  O_O  then we had a nice lil lesson and a fun game of hot potato and then our investigator couple showed up. I knew it was a prayer answered. god is definitely a god of miracles

well this is my last week being a teenager... this whole teenager thing been fun  but I'm ready to be big girl now ha ha 

the church is true. don't doubt it....EVER....or I WILL hunt you down and gut you like a fish!

holiday kisses

Hermana Rasmussen

p.s drink a whole gallon of egg nog for me 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN THE MAN. you are awesome and I'm just a lucky gal to have a bro as kewl and as yewl. keep it fresh;) 

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