Monday, January 12, 2015


Sometimes I feel like frodoe in lord of the rings here. the mountains literally look like lord of the rings...its so cool. sometimes me and my comp just start humming lord of the rings cause it just makes sense to do so. 

I got sick last weekend, not sure with what but I was having chills and my stomach was doing weird stuff and I felt pretty poopy, then sunday came and the ride up to church was not the greatest and when we got there  during reunion sacramental my body was like "nu-uh we wanna go home!" so we were on our way home and first of all we had the worst seats in the van, the ones that were facing the back of the car and so i'm just sitting there closing my eyes trying to forget my life and I start feeling light headed and then my ears plugged up and everything started going white... and I was like oh dang I'm gonna pass out. then my comp starts asking me if I'm ok and I'm like um I'm going to pass out and shes like "ummm well that's not good,  umm..." and she just puts her arm across me.  so just by that answer I knew she would not know what to do if i did pass out, and then that would leave me in a big van in the hands of a bunch of Peruvian farm peeps... so I prayed like cray cray that I would not pass out and I started breathing super deep and put my hands above my head to get my blood moving? not really sure I was just trying everything I've ever heard of that helps, so for a bit everything was white and I could not see Anything and I couldn't hear for a while it was quite terrible. but by the grace of a loving heavenly father my vision cleared up and I could hear just as we pulled into ollantaytambo, and somehow I made up the cobble stone streets to the house and to my bed. #tendermerciiiiii 

so after feeling like dog poop  (which there is SO much of here) im all good now. 

I had a real cool like spiritual power flow the other morning during personal study while reading Alma 26. and lately its been a little bit hard, well the truth is missions are always hard but especially with being sick I was just feeling kinda worn out but while i was reading this chapter where Alma and talking about and rejoicing in the experience he and his bretheren had preaching the gospel to the lamanites even though it was super duper hard and they and "their hearts were depressed" at times but the lord told them to have patience in all the hard things they were going through and it was like a spiritual wall just hit me and I could feel SO strongly that heavenly father loves me and is aware of me, and then I felt so strongly the love he has for the people here in ollanta, and really we have a purpose here and its to help them all know that they too have a heavenly father who loves them.  that experience has really helped me keep on keeping on.

cool story so there's a lady who works in the plaza and sells touristy stuff and we would always see here going over there and visiting other people, and I don't know why but I would always see here and she would smile and after for like 2 weeks here face would just like come into my head at super random times, and i thought man we gotta talk to her somehow. then the other day she came into Hermana Juana's store and was talking to her and we were there and my comp just grabs my arm and is like ITS HER. and this lady se llama Edith, and she was telling Hermana Juana how we never have come to visit her and it was just so perfect my comp and I just stood there staring at her like "hark the herhald angels singgg haaaaleeluahhajaa!"  like in the best 2 years when the investigator calls after they are fasting all day. so we set up an appointment and we have had a couple of visits with her and so far so good so im excited to see what happens. 

SO crazy story...I finished 9 months!! say whaaaaa. 
I don't feel like it, I mean I just got here! but on the other hand these have been the longest 9 months of my life...basically I've been here for 9 years, but there is literally no where else I would rather be and that it the absolute truth. I'm here for a reason and I'm pretty sure its more to change my life then anybody else. I love to feel the spirit and I love that I can show how much I love Heavenly Father and the gospel by sharing it. I mean the other day we saw peeps de-corning?(taking all the little graduals off the corn) and I was like hey we,re going to help you! and we started and after getting to know them I was able to share really my testimony and really preach the gospel,  after just little experiences like that of sharing the message of the restored gospel you feel like a million bucks(the spirit) and its just like THIS is why I'm here and its AWESOME. no I'm not perfect at all, but you know, I can do what I can and what hes asked me to do to the best of my ability and He will take care of the rest. 

love you all so so ohhhhhh so much. BIG hugs...with out bed bugs.
kiss kiss 

Hermana Rasmussen

ps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! what is it now 42? 43? I can never remember;) you are awesome and I miss you so much. cant say I miss you waking us up at 6 while yelling scripture power and playing charlie brown on the piano as much;) miss your thai food sooo much and nobody can do crapes here the way you do em. I made them the other and I couldn't stop saying "my dads are so much better" you are such an example to me in so many ways. you work so hard and I
I'm so grateful for the sacrfices you make and are making for me everyday of my life. LOVE YOU have an amzing day. go finishin and eat rice with a fried egg with a runny yoke:)

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