Monday, January 12, 2015


6:30 jazzercise...7;30...dinner with me...I can't cancel that again!
I'm booked

HEY....I'm 20....gimme a woot woot. 
this morning the elders bought a cake and of course as tradition...smashed my face in it. I literally couldn't breath there was cake all up in my nostrils ha ha ew. And the hermanas made me my name baked from snicker doodles ha ha luuv it. Its the first time outside doesn't look like a snow globe and is as cold as death on my birthday, so I'm kinda liking this warm weather thing. 

well we had our Christmas program with prez which was bunches of fun. our district sang a special musical number with this cool member who plays like 50 instruments and played the cool Peruvian flute WHILE playing the guitar while we singed angels we have heard on high. I dunno I was pretty dang impressed ha ha.  we ate pizza and cake and then we played a cool game. so everybody in the zone had to buy a gift of 10 soles or less and we all sat in a circle with president read the night before Christmas(read in Spanish)  and every time he said my or mine in the story you had to pass your present to the right and when he read you or your, you passed it to the left. and when he said a word like santa or elf there were some presents with a sticky note and if you had that present you could switch presents with anyone. So I bought from a recent convert who has a cool handy craft store a sweet real rabbits foot key chain and Inca cola and some chocolate and i wrapped it SUPER girly and with pink ribbon and Barbie wrapping paper ha ha and ALL the elders wanted my present ha ha Classic. but of course I ended up with....a box of rocks and....a sling...ha ha typical elder move. then we had the spiritual Christmas program and sang a whole bunch and felt the spirit a whole bunch more. 

There was the baptism of the son of the president of the branch and 2 seconds before elder zerillo is like hey wanna give a talk? ....typical elder move. So I talked about el espiritu santo (holy ghost). then as a district we sang a special musical number, as my lovely district gave me a nice solo at the end....and Then we had a Christmas-ish activity with the ward and it started at 5 which in Peruvian standard time actually started at 7 and the preparations didn't start till 6:30 so  I played Christmas hymns while everything was being prepared and then they are like hey Hermana Rasmussen sing something while we wait... so I sang. its just been a big week of singing. but its fun and I love it. 

Even though it does not feel like Christmas or diciembre here at all...feels more like mid march early April ha ha...well apart from the Christmas tree made from sprite bottles in the plaza ha ha classic Peru, I have love love loved the opportunity to get to know my savior more and feel study and teach the insurmountable importance of his life and  example and role he and his gospel has in our salvation. he is literally EVERYTHING. with out him we are NOTHING. He is the savior of the world the king of kings the prince of peace, and yet was born in a humble stable and led his life in pure perfect service and never searched or seeked glory not the least bit but always glorified his father. I love my savior more then I can put into words, my soul really does hunger for the day that I can see his smile and feel his warm loving embrace. lets just remember to be happy and relax remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas

I'm so excited to talk to you goof facess!!!
if you say so much as one syllable I'll HUNT YOU down and gut you like a fish....i f was want to fax me press the star key.
more Christmas kisses

Love Hermana Rasmussen

p.s "this is not pudding....WHAT is it!?

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