Monday, January 12, 2015


well this week was quite interesting...

First the anniversary of Ollataytambo was this week which meant...

A.NOBODY was home.
B.The music was SO LOUD!
C.Just another excuse for the whole entire world to drink their alcoholic chicha. and when I say everybody was drinking I mean EVERYBODY was drinking, even all the old ladies had their big huge glasses of chicha sitting on the side of the street. It smelled lovely. 

Then we had Halloween which meant...
we dressed up! and our pensionistas store was so busy! they pretty much do halloween the same here, the kids dress up and go around and collect the goods. but the catholic priest with a HUGE group of kids came and they were singing some catholic song and the priest gave a prayer for  the house and against the devil and everyone was screaming vive jesus vive vigen maria! and stuff like that...haha it was super entertaining. The best part was my pensionista gave out with the candies contacting cards haha its was the best. 

We had a Halloween party with the district, it was funny we all dressed up and everyone brought candy and Hermana Tuoni (from Arizona) made snicker doodles.... I probably ate 3 in a matter of 2 seconds. I didn't realize how much I missed real soft chewy american cookies. oh the things we take for granted. 

So yesterday we were kinda far from home it the more farmy part of Ollanta and it was night time and BOOM it starts POURING, my comp doesn't have a jacket and its SO dark and even with my flash light I couldn't see anything cause I was wearing my glasses and so the water was blinding my vision ha ha it was kinda super funny so I


  Got to see this great lady again

Just thought we were going to die and when we finally got to the road, we just started kinda complaining how cold it was and how we were fasting and were complain and had bad attitude but then we started talking about Paul and all the apostles and all the crazy hard things they had to go through in their ministry and it was like a slap in the face, we are so spoiled and don't realize that we have shelter, we have food, clothes, people are NOT trying to kill us. And i thought well they probably did it cause Jesus himself asked them to do it and then I realized that and if this is what Jesus and heavenly father has asked ME to do, walk through a little water I WILL DO IT. and all the better if there's a smile on my face

I don't know if I've ever said this before but....I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!! its so perfect! even when the people are not. and I am learning now more then ever how important are LAS FAMILIAS. satan truly is trying to destroy the families because he knows how important they are and here i have seen it now more then ever and its so sad, but we as missionaries give the promise just as all the prophets and apostles give tambien to do the little things. cause they really do bring BIG results. read pray family home evening, go to church. I am just so greatful for amazing parents who have taught me these things, so that now i can testify of their blessings and do them all with my future familiy.  

love you all, I miss your faces way too much but I gotta do some stuff if you catch my drift.. haha 
peace out bean sprouts


Hermana Rasmussen

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