Monday, September 29, 2014

Soooo....The man cancelled church


                  Me and a cow

so Ollanta is like... the Peruvian version of Disney land..and we`re trying to teach the workers the gospel...while they are working... its kind like that haha so its a  bit tough but not totally impossible. There's about 15 members in total here I think? Lets just say we got our work cut out for us. president said it was the hardest area in the mission...can I hear a woot woot!


we had a multizone conference, and of course it was awesome, every time president talks its likes words of gold are just pouring out of his mouth and the spirit is so strong! He's so awesome. oh and guess who I ran into....Hermana Rasmussen!!!
yep it was all kind of surreal,after hearing and knowing of her existence for so long I was starting to think she didn't exist but lo and behold she exists! 

                 Hermana Rasmussen and                      Hermana Rasmussen  

my new comp is...Hermana Hoskins! from Springfield Utah and she sings opera like suuper amazinggg,so its really fun to sing together. Ya its way different having a gringa comp but I think its helped me step up my Spanish, and through the grace of a loving Father in Heaven I have a lot more confidence in my Spanish and understanding my Incan peeps

Our ward- first sunday playing piano.. so I'm playing and the page starts to turn and I cant see the notes so I start  turning my head really awkward to read the music then Hermana Essig came up and held the page for me then she tried to turn up the volume(electric piano) and accidentally pressed to organ button haha and then I drop the hymn book on the piano...Hola me llamo hermana Rasmussen haha...there was no need to introduce myself. 

my comp killed a chicken this week while I held it down... it was all a rather crazy  experience. I was just screaming and freaking out the whole time but Hermana Hoskins was the calm one. A Hermana in our ward she had surgery recently in her stomach and cant do a bunch of stuff and we were visiting her and she was about to kill the chicken and I felt bad and was like hey do you need help?? ... yep we killed it. probably not in the most humane way cause we,re two gringas who don't uuuuusually kill animals, but don't worrry its dead haha we ate it for lunch a couple day after...ha ha ha oh mission life is great.

               The Evidence 

The Lord is is merciful and amazing, The other day we did an invasion of a sector in our zone, it's when all the missionaries in a zone invade one sector and we go with members and do visits and contact and all sorts of stuff, so after traveling to Urubamba then to Calca to do the invasion we were traveling back to make it for women's conference then of course the tire blows out of our combie... after flagging down a car to take us to the church we make it just in time for 2 talks one being that of Uchtdorff lo maximo, when  Hermnana Hoskins and I needed to leave early because traveling to Ollanta from Urubamaba we have to catch a combie and so we leave and are SO dead from traveling all day and it's really late to find a car to take us to Ollanta and were wating in the street outside of the gas station and we pray....and of course BAM 3 seconds later here comes a combie, and boom we got a ride. the lord loves us and is so aware of us  even when it's not a obvious. 

So sad story theres no church this week in ALL PERUU! because of elections which not going to lie(which would be an abomination) have been a bit annoying here with people in trucks raiding the streets honking horns and waving flags and yelling...its like do you really think the more you yell in my face im going to want to vote for you?? i don't understand it. so ya The Man Canceled church! so its just going to be just like any other day. 

I love this gospel and I love the scriptures!! I think everyday during personal study that I can't wait for the day when I will be able to just sit in my room (on the carpet...I miss carpet SO MUCH) and read the scriptures and liahonas for hours and hours on end....I'm so weird but its da best. 

love you all soooooo much it makes my heart feel like the grinch's heart when its grows 3 sizes.


Hermana Rasmussen 

Me being sad because it was SO COLD and I looked like a 5 year old

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