Monday, September 22, 2014

not ooash ascar!! (Madagascar)

AHHHH CHANGES!!!!!.........
I'm going to URUBAMBA babby!!!!!!
Zona Valle Sagrado, distrito Urubamba, sector Ollantaytambo and my new companion will be hermana Hoskins! (gringa with one less change then me)(scary)
ahhh don't cry for me quillabmabaaaaa!

 I knew my time was ticking here in the jungle, but I'm not going too far away.
Did I mention that Quillabama is in a strike and we really haven't been able to work much cause these people have turned a little loco crazy. They put abandoned cars in the middle of the street and throw rocks at the torritos. It's funny during studies if we hear noise outside all of us run like locas to the windows to see whats up. Nobody is working really and there's not vegetables to buy aaaaand....a few people have died. BUT don't worry mom I'm perfectly safe where I am. The problem is they are blocking all transportation so I might just stay here for a while before I can actually leave to my new area. 

Did I ever mention we teach seminary too? we switch off with the other sisters every other day. 
what I have learned...I don't want to be a seminary teacher.
ha ha and I have grown in respect for my seminary teachers old. Raquel I don't know  how you kept your cool..or did you? ha ha well its all cool when they are actually engaged in the scriptures but more often then not like this last time the conversation ended in  zombies and the walking dead. 

highlight of the week POLI got BAPTIZED. whoot whoot! It was so awesome
You know you're at a Peruvian baptism when...
1. You tell everyone the baptism is at 5:30 so everyone will get there at 6, but it ends up starting at 7.30(Peruvian standard time)

2. The person getting baptized is late because she can't leave her store cause there's crazy protesters outside. 

3. While singing the special musical number you look down and there's a fat little dog waddling around your feet.

4.The hermano baptizing her doesn't fit into his jumper , so he put on the pant part(which was tight jajaja) and rolled up the top part around his waist and put on a white shirt. 

Before the baptism she kept saying how she was never going to forget this day because it's like the first day of her new life I couldn't stop smiling just thinking about how awesome is power of conversion and the light that the gospel brings into the lives of these people. My favorite part was when she bore her testimony and said how happy she was that before she didn't have her mom or dad or a lot of family but now she has a big loving family in the church. 

Lots of all
Hermana Rasmussen
Sister Tango and I working on backpacks

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