Monday, September 22, 2014

I'm roasting like a toasted cheezer!!!

                              Sister Tamariz (sister leader)

Did I ever mention that somehow I became the teacher for music time in the primary? its kinda funny, I just have to teach them the knew primary song for the year. Sometimes they listen and sound like they are actually learning the song and I feel super proud, then I'm like ok one more time!! and they don't know the words and just scream the chorus ha ha ya...I'm not ready to have kids is what I've learned from all this. 

            Poli and her family

Poli had her interview and shes getting baptized Friday!!! she was super nervous for the interview, and kind of was too when we were going through the questions with her and she said repentance was listening to the word of god but we got it all cleared up ha ha. so Friday is going to be lo maximo! with my three favorite things #baptism #holyghost #CAKE 

so changes are next week... I've been here for 6 expiration date is coming and the milk is getting sour. I really don't want to leave but my hernana leader hermana Tamariz said she received revelation that I'm going to sicuani. I got the same feeling that I'm going too. #NOOOO any climate colder then quilla is too cold for me. here my nickname is flaca and make fun of me when its windy and say that I'm going to blow away. I'm also cho latinga. half latina half gringa. half chola i say that and they laugh.

I'm not going to lie, this life is hard, satan is real, and we are at war! but we got the POWER! we got the scriptures, we got examples of people like Mormon and nephi, when everyone around then were falling they just put their trust in the lord and never wavered. I pray that I can find that strength and we all can find that strength in the Lord and be profitable servants in this gran work.

love you all way too much. enjoy every day cause its a gift! and someone go eat some Cafe rio pork salad for me. 


Hermana Rasmussen

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