Monday, August 18, 2014


The biggest banana I have ever seen in my life

             Going to the tinajas

These past 2 weeks we've been visiting with a less active lady and shes pregnant with twins! boy and a girl but she was suffering from some serious baby blues like seriousssss. we started teaching her husband and have really felt the spirit with them and yesterday she gave birth! we went and visited her and she was still drugged up but the dad seemed on cloud nine. we saw the babies in the incubator together and they were so precious!! we almost died. so pure and straight from Heavenly Fathers presence. hopefully we get her active again and get him swimming soon jaja

Haha yesterday at church theres a cute super old grandma Hermana Gregoria who always comes with her braids and walking stick and speaking Quechua and wet grandma kisses. Yesterday when she was leaving I kissed her bye and then she started to try and tickle me!!! haha I started laughing so hard... sighhhh I love these people. I'm going to cry like a baby when I leave Quillabama.

Mom, I like aji de gallina, and rocoto relleno it's yummy. my pensionista makes stuff you make. like arroz con pollo verde and lentils, and sometimes she also makes yuca frita. Love it!! 

In our apartment we have visitors through the windows every once in a while and by visitors I mean humongous bees that look like they came from the nuclear plant. It's getting hotter which means more bugs... yesterday we were standing outside of the church and I think I was tired and had a bad attitude and then a million mosquitos attacked my legs and I started going loco crazy like what happens to the alien on Lilo and stitch in Hawaii hahaha and my legs felt like they were on fire haha but after I calmed down and itch sort of  went away. I'll take it as a sign to watch my attitude or I'll leave here without legs and elefantitis. 

One of my favorite parts about being a missionary is the chance I have to bear my testimony. Because even if im not a good teacher or have this language down, I can say what I know is true and I feel my testimony grow every time I do. 
I know the savior loves me and we have the truth!!

Trust the lord and like its said in Meet

The Robinsons-
keep moving forward! 

big abuelita Gregoria kiss and tickle

Hermana Rasmussen

        Sister Luque and I in one of the tinajas

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