Tuesday, August 5, 2014


What up peeps!!!

 Para paraaaa paradiseeee. Quillabamba is so pretty, its like Hawaii but with out the beach and more drunk people. 
I was thinking the other day... I'm in Quillabama, the jungle, fruit is so plentiful and I LOVE fruit...fool why am I not taking advantage and eat a load of fruit for breakfast!!! so I went to the market with my pensionista and she bought fruit for me of all types cause they rip me off when I buy alone. after trying a bunch of fruit bananas and mangos still reign my favorites.

 Hermana Luque!!!

Pobre Gatito

Buying flowers for a wedding

Arcos de Agua

Well I haven't had a comp allllll week long. This is how it went down, So my comp has had a lot of health issues that she hasn't been able to figure out so after a couple of calls and tears they said that me and her were going to viajar a Cusco so she could have a interview with president then an hour later the zls call and say we have 15 minutes to pack our stuff and be in the terminal cause my comp needed to go to Lima and do her papers, so after frantically packing which was the worst cause usually it takes me 5 years to pack to go anywhere, we were at the terminal with all our stuff and all I could think was I'm going to throw up cause I  didn't have any more motion sickness pills, but wait for it....the Zls come and are like oh no only hermana Luque is going to viajar... bahhhghhg, so away went my comp and I had to wait for the hermanas to come and pick me up cause I  couldn't walk home alone obviously, and the hermanas came and I was at my limit so I said lets by ice cream...so we did and I  went back and had to unpack and then repack and alll my stuff . Did I  say all of this occurred before noon?  I was tired. 

We are here to change this

so my comp has an appointment with the doctors in Cusco today so if were lucky she'll come tomorrow but I've been in a trio with hermana Tango and hermana Irvine. Hermana Irvine was sick this week and has had to get injections in the back side if you catch my drinft and she has a fear of needles so ive put it upon myself to try and distract her, I think its working...or at least I hope it is haha poor thing. 
My area is kind of dying with out a comp and being in a trio and hermana Irvine is sick and shouldn't be walking that much...my area is left to shrivel in the Quillabama sun. its kinda stressing me out.
Good laugh: We live next to the evangelico iglesia peruana. and they sing..all the time and LOUD so its like free music all the time I  really don't know how the preacher man has any energy it seems like hes singing all day long. anyways yesterday morning I was looking out my window getting ready and in front of the church in the street was a drunk guy dancing and it was one of the funniest things I've seen, I wanted to throw him a word of wisdom pamphlet and an applaud for being my entertainment for the morning.
Spiritual thought: I was reading and thinking about the story of when the apostles are in the boat with Jesus and there's a terrible storm and they are all freaking out and super scared and Jesus is sleeping and they wake him up and are still freaking out and I was thinking about how sometimes when we are in the storms of life and were freaking out and don't know what to do and feel like our boat it about to go top side and we forget...
we forget that the SAVIOR is in OUR boat! 
The Savior and creator of the world, the power of his atonement, our Loving all mighty Heavenly Father, they are all in our boat and yet we still lack faith, we still get scared, and we still doubt if we are going to be ok. 
I have a testimony that everything will be ok, everything will workout, all our doubts fears, weaknesses, problems, sicknesses, stresses. EVERYTHING is going to work out, through faith in the mercy and love of our savior redeemer and friend Jesus Christ.
He will calm our storms. All he asks is that we look to him in every thought and every deed we do and he will calm our storms. 
Don't forget that Jesus is in the boat. and Heavenly Father is the captain. 

Love You all so much 

hugs and snugs and tickle fights ELF style (i miss christmas i think the david archuleta christmas music is getting to me)

Hermana Rasmussen

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