Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Mi Quillabamba

                                                                 Silly Missionaries

Yesterday I went to go wash my plate in the pension and I felt something on my foot and I was like thats weird is the water dripping from the sink and i look down and a mouse starts running away.... gasp....(5 seconds for my mind to understand whats going on) AHHHHhhhh AHHHhhHA!! yep there was a mouse on my foot. dont worry i washed my foot haha 

yesterday I gave a talk! about la obra misional (missionary work)...typical 
 I was the backup plan but knowing the members here I was basically the plan so I prepared si o si.
 I thought it went pretty good, I just hope they drew out some meaning of some sort. 
then me and my comp had to teach sunday school to the adults... its safe to say it was a nice busy sunday. 
The sister leaders came this week to do changes with us which was fun, I always love when they come I always learn something new. I worked with hermana ostler and shes amazing, its funny to see how different the people reacta and the looks in the street when theres two gringas walking together. But I learned so much from her. That night we went out to dinner all of us and we wanted handburgers and the only good ones are in a restaurant that is on the other side where our sector ends and we cant leave our sector so we took advantage of the sister leaders here and sent them to get the goods and bring them into our territory. Soo yummy buto pasa nada with the handburgers here and everyones like wow these are soooo good and me and hermana Irvine are like....you guys don't even know. can someone say in n out? 

Hermana Irvine and I

funny story, this morning I went outside to take out the garbage and I opened the door and three dogs were just standing in the street staring at me...and we sat there staring at eachother for like 10 seconds and it was just really weird and random haha maybe its an omen...the grim hahaha

I dont have a change...holy cow I'm going to have been here for 6 months at the end of this change...say whaaaaa! but I was thinking about it these past week and I lOVE Quillabamba I don't want to leave, its so beautiful and I feel so much love for some of these members its like leaving family but thankfully I  gots 6 more weeks! 6 more weeks of...
1. cremoladas..mmmmmm
2.listening to drunk men fight and yell in the bar the we live above (happened last night thankfully I didn't understand anything they were saying)
3.always almost getting run over my torritos (those little taxi things they have here instead of cars)
4. chifles (fried bananas my favvvvvv)
5.cold showers (which have grown from 2 minutes to 4!) im not gross 
6.having to pick up our drinking water every week in a big jug because the water is so dirty that our water bottle that filter doesn't work. 

Those are just a few of the lovely things that are part of my jungle life, which I love cause its warmmm. 
Something that i learned this week is that heavenly father really does give us what we need byline upon line and the trick is to have patience while waiting for the next line to come, but if we have patience and bear it with a smile, as the time passes we find out his will for us and that he really does know what hes doing cause hes an all knowing god who loves us and has a plan we just need to keep the faith and keep doing what we know is right and trying our hardest even during the times that we don't see the blessings, cause in time the blessings always come..always! 

I love you all, keep growing in faith and love and remember that jesus loves you!!

kiss kiss hug hug big kiss little hug little kiss (nacho voice)

Hermana Rasmussen

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