Monday, October 6, 2014

Did you tell them they were the Lord's chips?

This week...has been a biiiiiit long and sttressful, lots and lots of walking, lots and lots of contacting. not gonna lie contacting is nawwt my favorite thing to do, its always a bit awkward and I feel I lack Spanish people skills but sometimes when you live in a place like ollanta and are basically starting from ground zero0 its a bit necessary, but we know as long as we are putting our part the Lord won't let us down and fail...but he will let you step in a big  pile of chicken I did two days ago #mishlyfe
No we weren't able to watch conference because of elections here in Peru but its nice to hear how fantastic it was... I'm excited. I feel like the spirit is like- lets get ready to rumbleeee!!!!! (haha dad...) but I'm excited to invite the whole lil town of Ollyanta to watch THE prophet of the Lord talk to US wow....I don't think people understand how crazy cool beans that is!!. maybe I'll even invite our hipppie neighbors that play guitar all day and sell bracelets...

last monday we went to cusco for p day and we went to eat lunch a real plaza with a HUGE mall, and I walk in and I started freaking out cause it felt like I was in fashion place!! ·#civilization. it was so nuts. I ate papajohns cause I was craving some good old greasy amuurican pizza. and then I ate a brownie milkshake...heaven really is on earth sometimes. 
I have really been realizing how truley by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. both good and bad. people dont understand how easy it is to steer off of the straight and narrow when you stop doing those small and suuuper simple things. like praying and reading the scriptures! just do it and no life isn't perfect but you get SO much more power against satan who is CONSTANLY trying to get us to trip into his traps! just do the small and simple things and watch the miricles pour into your lives! 

joke of the week

what do you call it when batman ditches church...

a Christian Bail! 
hahaha love it

love you all with all my heart! which is accumulating lots grease with all the oil they use to cook here haha

kiss kiss 

Hermana Rasmussen

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