Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Ya know...the truth is at times when your a missionary you really wish you could have some alone time...NOPE! sorry. wrong number. but then you just gotta remind yourself that it isn't about you and your on someone else s time and this is exactly what you signed up for. And then sometimes as a missionary when you work and work and work and it feels like you will NEVER see the fruits of your labor, its kinda discouraging not gonna lie, but keep on keeping on and you have a moment like I had this week with a old less active lady named felicitas whome always visit, shes coming to church now but she is NUTS, like coo coo crazy, I really don't know how she got baptized but I love visiting her and listening to her go off about hell opening up and 6 worlds and our skeletons going from dust back to skeleton and crazy stuff like ha ha but this week we were visiting her and she kissed us on our heads and said how we were like her daughters that she never had and then started crying because her 2 adult sons treat really terrible and the thought just flooded into my mind you know even if we don't have a lot of success here It doesn't matter cause were here doing what Jesus would be doing if he could be here and that's truly all that matters. Sometimes missionary success cant be seen in the numbers I've learned. 

well today are changes and my comp is headed off to my quillabamaba... #jealous. i might just hide in her suitcase when shes not looking. my new comp is another gringa. im sure my pensionista will love having 2 gringas still living in her house. i love my pensionista so much! shes so spunky and funny and caring. she spoils her 2 dogs and cat like nuts, it reminds me of mom so much with Mia (that brat ja ja ja)
 shes a seamstress and the other day just randomly she made a jacket for her dog cause it was shedding hair ha ha the funniest part is the dog lets her do anything to it! And her cat while we are eating comes and climbs on her back and puts its face on her shoulder ha ha ha I love it! its so weird!. 

So funny story....we have fleas.... I have bites all over me...ha ha its actually pretty terrible and i wake up in the middle of the night itching like a dog but chaaaknow #mishlyfe4evaaaaa 
don't worry mom fleas don't kill, but satan sure does. ill choose fleas over satan any day. 

Its funny at first I had bites on my stomach and my back and my pensionista is like its intoxication you ate something bad, want a pill? NOPE pills aren't the solution for everything people! so i just put up with it then i was on my bed and was looking at my pillow... "hop hop" #flea
 Hermana Hoskins and I were just sat looking at it for like 5 seconds like NOOOOOoooo(said in slow motion) then we snapped out of it and i killed it. then we took our sheets outside cause the sun makes them hop out? and our laundry lady who is a member and lives right next to us she said the sister missionaries have always had fleas in their sheets  this is the first time anyone has  complained... O_O and my question is HOW?!?  I think im going to develop schizophrenia if we don't kill them soon which we are I think Hermana Juana(our pensionista) has a plan. 

I love this gospel more and more everyday, i think the more i understand the gospel and its importance and the  PERFECT plan from a PERFECT father in heaven  i get more and more frustrated that these people don't know what they are missing and i just want to put them on on leashes and drag them to the church. having people come to church especially here in ollanta is a reeeeeally big challenge because its 30 minutes away and they have to pay. but only if they knew that its their salvation!!  I pray everyday that my imperfections and inadequacies as a missionary and in this language isn't preventing anyone we teach from really accepting and understanding the gospel. but heavenly father is just and everyone will get the chance to hear the gospel and accept it. 

Love and miss you all so so soooooo much and feel your prayers everyday. sometimes i wake up and its like... can i really do this? but then i feel the push and energies that definitely aren't mine and i know angels are by my side. 

big flea filled squeeeeeze, kiss kiss 

hermana Rasmussen

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