Tuesday, October 14, 2014


 Last week of this change! so crazyyy. 
So this week was conference weekend for me, i was SO stoked. especially to hear it in the home language. All us gringos watched in together in a classroom, Saturday sessions were the bomb dot commmm. every talk was just like spiritual gold, then  sunday the same. So awesome, those men and women have the spirit SO STRONG! so true...the gospel is SO TRUE. why cant everyone just feel it!! a.-satan

This week was a BIT nuts, kinda tired but all is good. I forgot to tell you last week how my comp started having symptoms of a heart attack....so we called the Hermana leaders and they told us to go to the hospital here in ollanta and to call them as soon as we found anything out. soooo we don't have a cell phone so I carried our big clunky like big office phone with me in my hands to the hospital ha ha but guess what? ya the doctors were on strike...WHAT! I was a bit annoyed and stressed and on top of that calling the Hermanas back was a bit complicated because outside everyone was screaming about the elections and so I had to run from store to store trying to hear our calls and the funny thing is that only speaker phone works on our phone.. so here I am running from store to store talking on speaker phone with this big ol machine in my hand...ha ha it was quite the sight, long story short in a matter of 10 minutes we were on our way to Cusco and went to the doctor...shes fine, it was a muscle thing? we stayed the night in Cusco and were zombies when we got back. my constant cold that  I've had since day 1 here got a bit worse,, its safe to say i was a bit stressed but all is well in Zion. 


Then this week the Hermana leaders came to do intercambios, its always a good time when they come around, lots of laughs. They made fun of my hands a lot ha ha we were laughing so hard cause I have hands like ET and I would make sounds like ET and it was just super creepy and funny ha ha..they are so big and lanky.. girl can't help it. my future husband is pretty dang lucky ha ha. I worked with Hermana Valverde, she's super cute and we had a good time. But then we told them how
Hermana Hoskins still felt the pains in her chest sooo othen next morning we were back on our way to Cusco... long story short...we were with the sister leaders of San Geronimo and one of them is the other sister Rasmussen!! so that was fun, we got to talk about our crazy Peruvian mothers ha ha and how our childhood lives are wayyy similar  so i worked in San Geronimo for a day with her comp Hermana Chipanavi who is the best, while Hermana Rasmussen went to the doctor with my comp. and we didn't know we were going to have to but we stayed the night in Cusco and had Nothing to be able to spend the night so they were sweet and gave us pj's and what not. well my comp is fine... still a muscle thing. ha ha we went back home and it was zombies take 2.  

words speak for itself

BUT come what may...gotta love it! 
my nose is running a marathon... you know when your a sister missionary when...you steel toilet paper and napkins from anybody and everybody. 

love you all, hope your lives are amazing and you are happy because life is SO HARD ha ha but not impossible. stay in the boat! and remember who's the captain and who's at the helm.

BIG snuggle and creepy ET hand reach

Hermana Rasmussen 

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