Monday, May 5, 2014

Find the Roses in the Thorns


Well last week for pday we made gnocchi, well I didn’t make it but i helped and watched Sister Wahlen's comp do it which is pretty much the same thing? no se but we also made a box cake that Sister Wahlen's mom sent for her birthday and it was a lovely taste of home, happiness to the soul. 

                                   HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER WAHLEN!!!!!!
Today hiked up the mountain and went down the other side of it and it was pretty hard we were all slipping and screaming and felt like we were going to die going down a jungle path that probably 5 people had been through before. it was great fun 

It rained this morning

Changes were today, I'm going to be with Hermana Ignacio for another 6 weeks to finish my training, I hope I can make it through haha : ) the other Hermana in our room Hermnana Girón from El Salvador is going to freeze. I loved practicing my Spanish with her shes so nice. 

                                        Sweet Hermana Girón
My Spanish? if your are not praying for my Spanish please start now!! haha that’s all. 
I hope its like bamboo you can't see the big shoots at the beginning because all the growth is underneath and then all of a sudden...SHAZaMM. I really hope its like that. I get a lot of comfort from the other american sister in our room, she always tells me I'm doing fine and helps me out so that’s a tender mercy. 
The gospel is the truest thing that ever was, its quite frustrating when people don’t understand it! its like hey you want to go to the celestial kingdom? them "yes" will you be baptized "ummm nahhh". no hace sentido. 
well love you people so much can't wait to chat it up on sunday!!
pray for me if ya pweeeze.
Hugs and snugs
Hermana Rasmussen


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