Monday, April 28, 2014

Life in da Jungle!

Hello peeps lets mind is a little bit fried but i will do my best.

last week we went to the zoo here in Quillabama, it was kinda depressing and super small...those poor animals, I was tempted to take a monkey to send to mom to be the monkey maid shes always wanted haha

the other week we participated in a was the strangest thing I have ever done in my life. The custom here is the march with the casket around the city with a big band playing behind and then march up to the cemetery, so in this family it was the grandpa that died,the grandpa of a member in our ward and only his family and the grandpa were members and everyone else is catholic, so at the cemetery(super weird and gave me the heepy jeebies) the casket came and the catholic preacher did his thing then the grandson gave his talk which was awesome and about the gospel and I was like woot woot! but then as they were burying the casket they told all the members that were there (like 8) to sing hymns so we start to sing a hymn then the stupid band started playing and it turned into battle of the bands! and we had to sing really loud but of course we won and it brought the spirit and I really hope the people there felt the spirit. it was just a testimony to me that we have to best news ever! this life is not the end! and because Jesus Christ lives we will too!
gosh...this gospel is so awesome.

This week president and wife came down for a conference and it was also awesome! I love president Harbertson and Hermana Harbertson, they are so amazing and they radiate with the spirit. I was able to talk to Hermana Harbertson and she is so inspired and she said exactly what I needed to hear and brought me so much peace I'm just so grateful for them and know they are servants of the lord.

with this past Easter week I want to bear my testimony about my savior. he is my rock, he is the grand exemplar and everything we are trying to become in this life. His sacrifice was a sacrifice of love, he suffered all because he loves us and he knows us perfectly because he passed through all the we are experiencing, hes my savior he is my lord and he is my friend there's no other name I would want my name to be next to on this plaque than His. There is nothing I want more right now then to give my savior a hug but everyday I can feel my saviors love and I know he is with me and is carrying me through the good days and the bad days just like that story about the footprints in the sand we just need to remember to never lose faith and remember to make him our foundation because if hes our foundation we can never fall and fail. the joy that this sweet sentence gives,
 I know that my redeemer lives!

LOVE this gospel. I pray that I can become the servant that He knows I can become, I cannot do this by myself, no waaay jose but He is a God of miracles and just like in the prince of egypt song says "There can be miracles when you believe"

from my jungle to yours
hugs and snuggles

-Hermana Rasmussen

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