Monday, April 14, 2014


Quillabamba Branch

Wow. It feels like I've been here foreeeevuuurrrr. but I've only been here like a week... yieks. it feels like I've been gone from home for years but I was looking at the calender last night and started laughing cause I really haven't been gone that long at ALL. 

So its HOT. i need clothes for these temps let me tell ya. and they say its going to get hotter. whaaaa. but anything is better then cold so im happy. 

There's not as many dogs here as there are in Lima but I'm convinced that the dogs here are in gangs and they have fights and have territory.  Some dogs  I want to grab and snuggle my blues away with but others I want to the face... I hate the dogs at night that act like they're going to eat my face, this one house that had a bunch of field in front of their house literally had like 10 dogs in the field barking like crazy at us and it was nighttime and I thought I was going to die. 

last p day all the sisters in our district hiked to some waterfalls, and after some killer ants that infested the ground and getting soaked and feeling like i was in the middle of a Jurassic park movie, it was great. sometimes I just laugh and say to myself I'm. in. the. jungle. sometimes it does not feel real.

Quillabamba Waterfalls

I don't know what it is with Peruvians and fumigation but I got fumigated....again...for the 3rd time. twice at the CCM and this week. my companion wakes me up at like 6 and is like we have to get out they're going to fumigate. UGHGHG so angry. listen people fumigation is NOT SAFE. so I grabbed my pillow and blanket and food and we and the other 2 sisters in our room had to sit outside on the curb for an hour. it was great fun. turns out they fumigated the entire city. I'm going to come back with a couple of extra fingers but its chill. 

Spanish....its frustrating. I want to learn SO BAD. i want to be able to explain myself and actually help these people and not sound like a 5 year old. I feel bad for my companion she hasn't been feeling well and isn't happy looking and looks impatient so i get scared to ask her questions. it feels impossible it really does but somehow by some miracle I will learn. the thing is I know I'm going to learn but the time frame is whats killing me. im losing patience with myself. tell me before I loose patience with you Frances!! I want to just fast forward 6 months to where I love this work and can teach and communicate! pero I know Heavenly father didn't send me here to fail. FAITH. and prayers. and some tears. and a little bit a pixy dust.

I need to go to Quillabamba Cuna Jardin and learn Spanish

General conference was bomb all the gringos 4 elders 3 sisters sat in the back back of the chapel on the stage and had a TV that didn't have a signal but had the sound so we watched it on the big screen but with the TVs sound. it worked out reeeal good. Its really good to have Hermana Wahlen here with me so I can vent and have an ounce of normal in this crazy not normal missionary life I'm living. 

So I'm in love. with the SKY! the other night I went to hang up some clothes I just hand washed (I have no idea what im doing) and the sky was B E A utiful. I laughed and was really happy for like 5 minutes. dat quiallabama night sky. 

Food. its pretty normal other then the fact that sometimes the ratio to oil and food is 1 to 1. but im taking my probiotics and vitamins and silver and essential oils because this diet is no more balanced then a newborn learning to walk. And i got sick at the CCM and it was terrible so now I know the importance of moms natural medicine craze. I'll take anything to not be sick. being sick on top of all the estress im feeling right now would not be mejor. The forest is a pharmacy.

good news. I think my body is sort of adjusting to cold showers...every day. I actually wouldn't call them showers I would call them 2 minute rinses cause I cant actually do a straight cold shower. but im adding about 30 seconds every couple of days so there's progress being made. im not gross or anything.

Cool experience me and my comp were in Pavayoc which is like a neighborhood on the hill and its a little sketchy looking and it has a big ol incline of about 90 degrees. so after hiking up there to the top of the whole thing basically, trying to find a house and person we ran into this lady and her nieces and nephews and my companion talked to her and invited her to general conference and she wasn't receptive at all and my companion looks at me which me I have to say something and so I just bore my testimony and said that I don't speak this language well but I know that our message is true and then you could see the lady's heart soften and she let us make an appointment with her, I don't think shes going to progress but it was a cool experience. 

hey scott,  enserio donde esta?!!) oh the elders said you wrote your name on the desk in whiteout. and Lenny says hi. 
Thanks for the advice EEEvan, im using it, don't forget to eternally progress.Raquel i need updates please you can vent to me errthang I want to HEAR IT ALL. EVERYONE VENT TO ME I LOVE READING it. I miss people venting to me in English so i can actually understand cause now they vent but all i can do is nod and smile and try and catch every 5th word they say.

I love and miss you all so much!!!! I send a HUGE hug cause that's all I want to do right now is hug all of you!!

-snugs and hugs 
Hermana Rasmussen

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