Friday, April 18, 2014


Hermana Wahlen and I

Well this week flew. by I  literally feel like I was writing 2 days ago. well this week I..
played the piano in sacrament on sunday it went OK until the closing song where the hymn they picked was called to serve and I was pretty dang positive I could play it...  nope. I  can't. haha I butchered it like the pilgrims butchered turkey for the first thanksgiving.
but I just laughed the whole time and the best part was when I kept playing and everyone had just sung the last verse...jajaja good times.

In my time here we've helped two people move first my pensionista (the place where they feed missionaries)
and that was fun, lots of dust... LOTS. who knows how old the dust I inhaled was but I think my lungs aged a couple of years haha

This week we helped a family arrange their house which is like a patio on the roof with a roof. I arranged super old books with super old dust while the grandpa said random English words to me haha it was so random and I swept and picked off the dirt that was attached to the cement floor and there was lots of dirt...LOTS which I also inhaled haha so my lungs are probably middle aged by now but its chill,
then we ate fried fish and a potato and then an hour later more fried fish and a HUGE plate of rice, like baby elephant style and my heart sank and I was just praying that by some miracle I wouldn't have to eat it  so much rice but I ate the fish but I COULD NOT eat the mountain of rice then I explained that I m not accustomed to so much rice and my stomach hurts when I eat a lot of rice and a miracle...they didn't make me eat it! woot woot well and probably because they like me because they spent like 30 minutes teaching me random Spanish words and and Quechua and would just laugh at me haha I was chill with it, if it meant I didn't have to eat mt.Rice they could laugh at me all day long! 

Hermana Wahlen and I getting ready for a race 

Spanish is coming poco a poco.  They say its going to get hotter here...I sincerely hope not. but im not complaining but I am getting some funky shoe tan lines, I'm trying to get a ctr tan line and watch tan line its coming along. 
My legs are being eaten..its great.You can tell a true jungle sister missionary by the bite scars on her legs.

Love you all SOOO much I pray for yalll errday. pray for me.

snugs and hugs
-Hermana Rasmussen

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