Monday, March 31, 2014

In the jungle...the Camel sleeps tonighttttt‏

yes!! you heard me right. this girl is in da jungle!! QUILLABAMBA BABY! 
I know what your thinking....QUE en el MUNDO!!!!
yes Scott I'm in your old turf and I've already met peeps who know you

Leaving the CCM was really hard just because of the fact that I have grown SO close with my district like they really have become my family and best friends, So the morning we were leaving I got about 3 hours of sleep and it was like 5 in the morning and it was like saying bye to the fam all over again, bawl fest. then I go to the airport and talk to mom and dad and again. bawl fest. get on the plane took medicine it was fine I slept, then got to cusco met the prez and wife and they are SO awesome and we took some pics and went back to the mission home and ate and had orientation and interviews and it literally felt like there were 5 pound weights on my eyelids it was Horrible.

 So I wasn't feeling too good at presidents house and I was having some chills and was exhausted and my stomach was no bueno so honestly I felt miserable and that night I was laughing cause I felt Turrible probs because I was emotionally physically (hauling my luggage down and up 3 flights of stairs...ya) drained and was sitting on the bed at the hotel place we were at before we would get our new comps the next day. but in the morning I felt much better and we had breakfast at that one guys house that mom knows.

I got my comp hermana Ignacio shes been a trainer 2 times before and she super short and cute and is way awesome she calls me baby sometimes haha I love it, shes mi mama and I got assigned Quillabamaba! 

So the next day we took a 6 hour bus ride with some elders which was...crazy. through the jungle and it was raining and I felt like I was about to die half the time, but I made it and wasn't sick so that's good. I feel like I'm in the jungle book, living in the man village. I will say its been hard. rough stuff. adjusting is always hard especially when you don't understand people and they look at you like a sad lost puppy which is the worst and you feel dumb in lessons cause you're not saying anything and have a good pensionista so im happy.

Hey scott! Hermana Roxana is my pensionista and her daughter Brisa showed me her cuaderno where you wrote! they were talking about how you had freckles and where called cholo and you didnt seem gringo and you got mad at one elder one time because you didnt like him and something about juice... I don't know I don't speak Spanish but ya! and Brandon says he misses you. I'm serving in the Quillabama rama (branch) its chevere. the other day was SO FREAKING HOT. I don't have the right clothes for this weather. 

My apartment is cool, mucho germs. where I first got there I wiped down my desk and my drawers with wet wipes. my companion probably thinks I'm coocoo. I had my first breakdown the other day haha but it was expected, I saw it coming, so many changes, mas dificil, but change never was easy, I just want to fast forward 6 months were i can speak and know how to teach and know what the heck is going on! I just want to feel like a REAL missionary, like I KNOW what I'm doing. but I guess it comes with time. 

Oh hey Evan proselyting a couple of weeks ago in Lima we went with a sister and she said she was from Chile Santiago and I told her you served there and I talked about what you said about the food there and stuff and then after a while she stops and is like wait...I know your brother, he served in my ward! and we had a bonding laughing moment like whaaa she Hermana Belen Huerta Barrio Alberto Gonzala estaca conchulu or something and she said you focused on like the members helping out or something...I don't know I don't speak Spanish haha. small world. and Scott the teacher ta the CCM! his last name is Bejar and he said he knows you really well and you were a good missionary his house is in Lima central. such a small world. he was my pretend investigator it was so random. ohhh how small the Mormon world is. 
church was fun, I had to give my testimony. lots of wet kisses from little old ladies half my height

well I love you all SSOOOOOOO much and I miss you more then I can say and if I do say I will probably start crying, im such a baby.

pray for me. 

lots of hugs XXXXOOOXOXO

Hermana Rasmussen

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