Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hola a todos!!


Best food in the world! GRANADIA!!

Yohoo! family!!! (frozen quote)
ahhhh boy this week has been. I don't even know.  Time is wrapped here at the CCM. one day feels like eternidad and the next minute your starting your 3rd week! its nutso.
This week has definitely had its ups and down. definitely hard. but i don't expect any different for the next 18 months of my life.

There is definitely something heavenly father wants me to learn here at the CCM and in my companionship, this is definitely not an easy task but through the lords help and my teachers help and the support of all the elders and hermanas around me, es possible. Every time there moments when I'm just really feeling low and almost to my wits end, heavenly father sends me a pick me up like when  a teacher tells me something awesome about their experience of what I'm going through or people in my district send me notes and i can just feel his love in those little tender mercies.
Sorry, no puedo escribir mi sentimientos bien en Espanol. but it was way cool yesterday a way chill teacher pulled me aside and asked how I was feeling and I like told him how I was feeling ALL in Spanish with like a couple words in English and it was way cool that I could actually do that!

Please pray for me that I can have the strength to be what heavenly father needs me to be right now. i found dads letter yesterday in my luggage and I needed it and was exactly what I needed to hear. heavenly fathers taking care of me. doesn't mean its going to be easy but with him as captain of these stormy seas I know its possible.

I know it looks ....funny!

Well this week I...
1. shared a shower with a lovely beetle (size of a quarter)
2. Got my first bug bite. It looked kinda funky so the doctor took a picture of it ha ha       but its going away so sadly I'm going to turn into spider man.
3.There was a mini earth quake!! so coolio. I was freaking out inside a little but it was      just like a giant phone was vibrating out yonder somewhere.
4.We got new roommates! we have 6 beds in our room and 3 were open so I was        reaaaly hoping latinas would be in our room and we got em! one is from Peru and one  is from Argentina. Argentinians have an accent they say like yo shama instead of  llama. but they are really sweet and the best because they don't stay up forever  and wake up crazy early.
 5. I've been playing the piano for stuff which is kinda neat. and everyone was like  wahhhh when they found out I could sing.

The best view from my bunk 

So like every pday we went to the temple pretty early its awesome but sometimes i just can keep my eyes open! its like there's 5 pound weights on my eyes! then we went to metro and garages and I got some awesome genie pants because its pretty dang hot here which i love because i finally feel normal. Literally everyone is sweating except me! its a beautiful gift. so I'm kinda not looking forward to having to wear my sweaters in Cusco but all will be well. I am Sooooo happy I'm going to Cusco cause Lima would not be my mission of choice...Cusco is like the coolio mission to go to here everyone's like ahhh lucky! or aw that's soo cool! so...I'm excited but either way its going to be hard. I already recruited one of the elders in my district who's going to Cusco too to help me with my 1000 pound luggage so I'm taken care of ha ha.
My Spanish is getting better, I'm just really hard on myself but sometimes I walk away from trying to talk to the latinos and I realized I just had a REAL conversation about my life and theirs and its AWESOME!! I just have  a hard time teaching lessons but I've learned when I let my mind go of worrying so much of what I'm about to say, it just comes sooo much more easily. Si se puede!!
I'm just glad that in the middle of this storm, Heavenly Father is the captain of my ship. Love you all SOOOOOOO much. it hurts.
mucho amore
Hermana Rasmussen

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