Thursday, February 27, 2014


                                    You knew I would do this!

There's a scary red timer at the top of the screen and its stressing me out!!! i forget everything.
Is my fish literally dead?.....(moment of silence) he died because he loved me so much I just know it.
Well the end of my first week of the CCM. I will say that as probably expected this week has been pretty rough but I'm all gewwd. ha ha dad and Raquel remember what happened when i got stressed about college? ya it happened again ha ha. Its crazy its like starting college all over again and feeling stressed and behind and I finally realized that I was expecting myself to be fluent in Spanish and teaching lessons and I had only been here 3 days!!! its sounds so dumb when I say it but i really was doing that to myself so i got super stressed but once i realized it I calmed down.
nobody is  perfect...I gotta work it...Hannah Montana anyone?

 I love this place!!!

Not trying to sound like a brat I don't like the food/eat the food ha ha I'm just not a heavy food eater and every meal is like a huge piece of meat and rice and me gusta. and my body no likey. So i opt out with granola bars and trail mixes and, from my suit case and  if there's bananas, peanut butter, fruit and vegetables. sounds better then it is.
a whole bunch of people have gotten sick with stomach stuff here so then i REALLY don't want to take my chances so you can see how my choices are limited. but i will survive..hey hey..

                                             Love it!!

We went proselyting this week and it was SOOO awesome. Usually north armericanos are given a latina companion and were bused out to the Lima North Mission. But I got Hermana Johnson who's been here two more weeks than me and she is seriously SO awesome we got along so well and her Spanish was so freaking good. The whole experience just reminded me why I'm out here and it just totally about the people and serving them and serving in place of the Savior and I just love that. And being with Hermana Johnson helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel of how great it is when you mesh super well with a companion and how much you can grow. She was seriously my tender mercy this week.
Another one was on the bus ride home from proselyting and i talked to an elder from Honduras for like the whole 45 minute bus ride home all in Spanish!!! he knew a couple English words but it was seriously the best experience. He told me his story of how hes the only member in his family of 8 and his mom wouldn't sign his forms to go on a mission and hes only been a member for like 15 months! crazy crazy crazy. You're right dad i am so blessed and the lord has given me sooo much. #tooblessedtostress anyways at the end he told me how good my Spanish was and walking off the bus i realized what i had just done and it was just that extra push like guuurl anything is possible.

                                   Beautiful Lima-Peru Temple

Here is a couple things I've learned this week:

1. I'm a picky eater?...since when? now. but for good reason. nobody's got time for bathroom issues
2.I miss long hair. it was like my identity ha ha like Samson.
3. donde esta pizza?

I sleep on a top bunk for the first time in my life...don't freak out mom I'm fine I wont fall off! my companions think I'm crazy cause I LOVE physical activity. and when I do exercises in the room they give me strange looks but i am converting Hermana Tuft and we stretch together sometimes ha ha.

Line of the week:
Hermana Cunningham while someones eating chips..."mmmm I love the smell of pizza pringles. makes the room smell like a party"

I love and miss you all soooooo much but I  have to stop myself from thinking about it. Have a buena week don't yell or freak out! I'M EXCITED FOR LIFE!
hugs and snuggles
Hermana Rasmussen

My District


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