Friday, February 14, 2014

Hola...from America?

Well if things had gone according to plan I would be enjoying my first full day of the Lima MTC. But...Heavenly Father had a different plan.
So..funny story. Tuesday night I was set apart and later that evening as I was stress-fully doing all the things that you naturally put off till the last second like packing and pigging out on all the ice-cream that I would miss oh so much... my dad had the thought to check the status of my connecting flight to Atlanta due to the super bad weather down there.
Low and behold my flight was CANCELED.
After same confusion and phone calls to the church, and calls to the airlines, and calls to the other missionaries who were scheduled on the same flight as me, I am now booked to leave on Saturday!
 I cant lie, I was QUITE relieved.
Now I could finally do all the little things I just never had the time to do (aka procrastinated) and work off all the ice-cream that I had just gorged myself on, woot woot!
So here I am stranded in America.

Till Next Time (waving from my window)

~Hermana Rasmussen~

Here are some of my favorites from a missionary photo shoot with Emilie Ann Photography with my friend Morgan who is called to serve in Guatemala!

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