Sunday, February 23, 2014

So I had this dream

So I had this crazy dream last night (like always) that I was 19 and decided to go Peru by myself and I forgot to bring my retainer...AHHHHHH
es no dream.
Well I made it, arrived, and got to bed at like 3 in the morning. The plane ride was not my favorite if you could imagine I sat next to Hermana Essig on both flights which was nice but I felt bad cause sometimes I would just shut down and stare out the window trying  to keep my nausea in check, the medicine made my air sickness better but not ALL the way better so I just tried to shut my eyes and think happy thoughts. So my bags are heavy..haha but every time I needed to move them someone was always there to help me!(tender mercy) Who knows how I'm going to handle them by myself but everything is possible if you just believe!
Seriously they aren't kidding when they say that the days feel like weeks because I've only been here two days and i feel like ive spent three years here! no joke. They have felt kinda rough for that reason but im alive and all es bueno.
I'm in a threesome with Hermana Tuft and a Hermana Wassom from Washington. the CCM is pretty dang nice compared to what were going to have in the field, Here en la CCM it feels like we are in a bubble and outside the walls is Peru, half the time I forget we are in Peru.
 DONT FLUSH HIM!! ohana means family you guys! ooooh my poor fish hes a fighter, I think hes bipolar. never underestimate the power of clean water. that statement translates to many situations especially in a foreign country.
They have this fruit called Granada or something like that and you smack it on the table to crack it open and it looks like slimy fish eggs inside. It takes pretty OK but apparently it helps your bathroom trips become frequent (TMI?) but I guess I need it.... so I will be eating Granadas  everyday.  Ummm the food? well there's always rice I try and always eat all the vegetables they have available and I don't eat the bread or a lot of the desserts or they would have to roll me out of here.
They have a new mtc president elder Gonzalez, He looks just as confused as I do so that's good were on the same page.
I Saw Seth Fankhouser!!! it made me sooooo happpy. tender mercy moment cause these days haven't been the easiest and just talking to him when i can just gives me that little piece of home I need to get me through the day.  
I can tell I'm getting awkward already, on the bus ride from the airport I sat next to the one elder that flew in with us from Atlanta and the car ride was bumpy (crazy Peruvian drivers) and so you bump into the person next to you and when that would happen its like NOOO don't touch me!!! haha not that bad but It was funny.
Our first Spanish class was yesterday(3 years ago it feels like) and I can understand like 87 percent of what the teachers say but speaking and explaining things i feel like I'm learning Chinese! my new phrase for when i don't know what to say is ¡si se puede¡ which means YOU CAN DO IT! (say with an latino accent) 
I didn't think that my need for alone time and independence would be a problema here but i never realized that you are stuck to your companions hip like Mia is stuck on mom, hahaha but seriously its kinda hard sometimes. Our schedules are all messed up because our district has been coming at different times on the different flights due to the flight delay So i never know whats going on.
My straightener is being weird and only goes to 20 degrees, I don't think I have the right converter or adapter? I'm just so confused on that whole subjecto. So my hair es no bueno right now, I probably look like a jungle child.
Its humid here and really warm especially today and I LOOOVE IT!!!!  no more purple dry hands and red noses! I'm the only one not sweating, my body is finally at a normal temperature!
Yes i miss you guys sooooooooo much I didn't think i would as much as I do haha but I DO!!!! Push Mia over for me and run around the house with a treat in your hand so she doesn't get restless and MORE crazy than usual. Mom, my retainer? want to put it in the sheets package for the mission home? hopefully I don't look like quasimoto after 6 weeks without it. And if you need an idea of stuff to put in my packages put granola bars!!!!( my other main food group)
There are a couple of letters on my bed or somewhere in my room if you may can you send them? and put my ipod en una safe place cause half of my life in pictures is on there.
Sorry no photos this week we can't unless it's on p day. We went to the temple today! and saw the temple president and I said: presidente potticolo..I forgot his name but I went up to him and I thought he didn't speak English so I started talking to him like a gringo and he's just can speak in English...OK! but ya I saw him. we went to the metro today and I bought PEANUT BUTTER!!!(one of my main food groups) and quaker instant oatmeal, I was SOOOO happy!!!! So today I ate a banana and peanut butter for lunch cause I just couldn't bring myself to eat chicken and french fries cause its soo hot outside which I love. never underestimate the power of a banana and peanut butter. never.
(A big Hug to MAMA i miss your hugs SOOO much it makes me want to cry every time I think about it)
photos next week
peace out girl scout (peace sign, kissy face)
Hermana Rasmussen (hard to pronounce for latinos)

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