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Faith is POWER

  • 3/11/2014
                                             A great view of the temple

So I forgot the sticky note with all the things I was going to mention in this email soooo..... I'll do my best.
Man these last 2 weeks have FLOWN. like the time continuum doesn't exist.
One second I'm sleeping and the next minute my alarm goes off and I have to remember where I am.

I have FELT your prayers. It literally feels like something else is bearing me up its the craziest feeling cause I know I could not do this alone and after asking for some of you to pray for me I could literally feel it. so muchisimas gracias.
We went proselyting on Saturday! it was pretty bomb. its usually a nerve wracking/I'm not ready for this/rejuvenating/spiritual experience. I went in really wanting and praying to feel the spirit while teaching cause I feel like its been missing in the lessons that we've been having so I was put with Hermana Peters this time and we take a bus out to the Lima Norte mission and let me tell ya like this is DEEP Lima. nothing I've ever seen before. You know those mountains in Lima with all the houses up the hills and it all looks super sketch? yep. I was there. We get to the church (which was a garage. literally. with a couple pictures of the prophets on the wall) and my companion and I get put with an older member, I could understand 47% of what she said...but I tried, everything I said to her about my life she would say: oh que linda! she reminded me of mom's friend Juana saying mamacita to everything. So here I am walking up these dirt hills and feeling like I had a sign above my head that said "I don't belong here" we walked up these 90 degree stairs into this lady's house and it was literally SO humbling like there was no roof for part of the house and it was super small and there were fleas or some species of fast ants crawling all over the floor so I kept stomping my feet up and down so they couldn't get on me. The member pretty much just took over and the less active just told her all her problems and such and I could understand a couple of things one of them was that her husband drinks and stuff like that and she kinda teared up, and just sitting watching this woman and trying SO hard to understand her I could just feel Heavenly Fathers love for this woman SO MUCH and added onto the culture shock and being scared of getting bugs their living conditions, it was so overwhelming I kept chocking back the tears and after a bit I just said in my horrible accent if I could share a message and I shared a scripture and I just told her that I could feel heavenly father's love for her so much and how much he wanted to bless her and her family and stuff like that and of course the tears started rolling and I'm not sure if she felt the spirit or not but I definitely did so that was just a way cool answer to my prayer.

The best Latina missionaries

Send my love and thanks to grandma for the letter and I love her and am so grateful for her!
Wait a where are you from?? i feel like I say a different city every time I tell people you are from Peru. Pisco right?  yo no se
Well my Spanish is.... I really have no idea. someday I feel like "woot woot, Spanish is de BEeeeeest" and then other days im like "a stateside mission sounds really great right about now" ha ha no I'm glad I'm here but learning that can gettcha. I feel bad for my teachers, some days our district is seriously like DEAD and we can't learn anything, so they usually take us outside and play a game with a ball or have us run around while conjugating verbs....after a while of running around saying "yo caminé! yo caminé" ( I walked, I walked) we decided that they are just doing it to laugh at us. But it does help with estres (stress) (my favorite word)

Just a little piece of my crazy days 

In the CCM we do a lot of pretend investigator activities, So like I'm the best pretend investigator and my name is EVA. not to toot my own horn or anything. I keep getting called on to be it. I get SO into my characters. Like when I'm Shakira, beyoncé who lives on 123 sesame street and has a friend named Burt who is Mormon and le gusta contar los numeros. yeeeea. I take pride in lightening the mood and estres (stress) that weighs on us here at the CCM and my teacher couldn't stop laughing soooo its all good.

OHHH funny story so while we were teaching our "investigator"(our teacher) we were asking him all the baptismal questions and my companion just read one and I wasn't even sure what it said in English but I just guessed it. The question was, have you broken the law once and so he said: ( in a totally straight face) "well I ran over a dog" and it took a couple of seconds for my mind to translate and register what he said and then I just lost it and burst out laughing! in the middle of this lesson! and my companions are looking at me like "WHAT are you doing!?!" cause they didn't understand what he said so then I tried to pull myself together which of course makes it worse so then I told them what he said and we all started laughing and my teacher started laughing and it was a grand ol time.

Can you believe I will be going into the field in 2 weeks!!!!!!!! say whaaaaaaaa. I'm not sure how I feel about it. ask me in 2 weeks.
LOVE YOU ALL oh so very much. I'll write better next week I promise. keep on keeping on. Faith is POWER. ice cream soothes the soul (especially at the CCM) but so do the scriptures!!!

snugs and hugs
Hermana Rasmussen

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