Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I am not chi chi

Cusco Mission  here I come!!

Sooo a week from now I will be in CUSCO.....que en el  mundo!!!!!!!
time has gone so slow and fast at the same time. I feel like a million emotions about leaving. I'll miss my district and some of the other Hermanas, and I'll miss clean bathrooms and vegetables. So this is the last email for a couple of weeks because next week Tuesday we are gone gone gone. pray for me on this flight. I think it leaves at like at 3 in the morning so...this will be fun.

Can't believe I am a missionary!

Lets see well this week...
They got new shower curtains in the bathrooms! now they don't look like moldy bread... woot woot.
haha funny story. so usually in our night time classes we go outside and practice or play a game or practice teaching with another district, So this time we were practicing with another district and I ran to My friends in the other district cause the Elders in the other district are scary to teach cause one of them speaks too good and makes me feel dumb....anyways it was my turn to be the investigator so when they asked me name I said "me llamo ChiChi." and Hermana Kaeding (So cute, one of my best buds here, part Mexican) She bursts out laughing and says "don't say that!" im way confused and she like " that's slang for poop" at least in mexico. Sooooo no more ChiChi.

I love my District!

A couple days ago before bed the people come and tell us "So you guys need to grab every single book and things you have in your classroom and take it up to your rooms by 930 because they are going to  fumigate all the classrooms" ..we´re all like...there's a bug problem? que en el mundo.(What in the world) and not to mention our bedrooms are in the same building... sketchy. So we grab all our stuff, take it upstairs and all the rooms that had no one in them have signs on them saying don't enter; Fumigation.... This is all getting more sketchy by the second, then Hermana Gonzalez comes upstairs and tells us the stay in our rooms all night and to open our windows....So we are sitting in our rooms 10:30 and she comes in and tells up we need to leave the building for 30 minutes and to leave our doors open.... ok.. cool. lets just let the cancerous chemicals go through my bedding and then out the window... So we all have a pajama party outside and do nothing. finally go in and it deet. yummy ol deet. and the next morning we go into our classroom and it smells even more like deet. So I spent the morning thinking "there goes a couple years of my life" ha ha If I don't come home as a teenage mutant ninja turtle I'm going to be reeeeally disappointed.

MY DREAM: If they stuck me in a room with my scriptures, preach my gospel, and a computer with all the talks on it for 24 hours... this might sound crazy but that sounds like HEAVEN right now.

 Awkward.. but they are awesome, one on the right is going

to Cusco as well

Some pointers for girls entering the CCM (Lima MTC)

 1.a light cloth robe is super when going from your room to the shower and vice verse.
2. blanket you love from home, its seriously a life saver.
3. print off talks that you love!!! just do it your wont be sorry.
4.remember that this is not high school, remember why you are here. its not to be the most popular or be buddy buddy with elders(too many forget this). its to prepare yourself to become the best, obedient(sometimes hard but worth the blessings), missionary so you can serve the people the best way you can, and to bring yourself closer to Heavenly Father! nothing else matters!!
5. mini hymnbook in Spanish. so nifty!
We went to this place called Tottus and it literally has EVERYTHING every american brand, i was so happy. it felt like america.

 Our last trip to the temple as District

What Scott went to COSTA RICA!!?  you people are crazy. I don't know anything. you could have adopted the monkey maids mom has always wanted and I wouldn't even know!
one way heavenly father has blessed me is every time im struggling with something our teachers always come and talk to me and my compañeras or just me and tell me their experiences as missionaries and EVERY TIME they explain what they were feeling and went through and its exactly how I'm feeling at that very moment! its amazing. #tender mercy. I love our teachers they remind me of Scott and Daniel. it makes me homesick sometimes cause their personalities are exactly the same! but its awesome.

 Love Ya'll

 I'll see you flip flop CUSCOOOOOOOOOO topia.

Hermana Rasmussen

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