Monday, May 26, 2014


This past week has been a little hard on the work side. I fell a little bit under the weather and then my comp didn't feel too chipper the next days but I'm alive and life moves on. 

Last week we went to siete  tinajas, its so beautiful after a 15 minute drive in a car squished with strangers like sardines and then a 2 second walk to this huge rock with 7 tinajas? I'm guessing that means waterfalls but ya. it was like Alice in wonderland there was a mother load of butterflies just chilling around. I've decided I'm going to make my room a butterfly sanctuary when i get home.
I saw the butterfly that I did my big animal project on in 3rd grade and it brought me a euphoria I can't even describe. anyways...

President comes tomorrow! interviews and house inspection...dun dun dun. I'm excited, the last time prez and Hermana Harbertson came was awesome so this time wont be any different.

Yesterday we spent all day at a chacra. chacra: a house in the jungle mountains where people have their crops of tropical fruit. everyone in Quillabamba got their chacra. I want a chacra...FREE FRUIT! 
So we went after church to these investigators chacra which is LITERALLY in the MIDDLE of a jungle mountain. we had to HIKE to get to it. I was in the middle of jungle book literally. so we get there and they have 5 kids and 4 ducks that are pets that eat chicken... and cats and dogs and puppies. it was crazy. all day we helped cut wash peel cook liquefy all the food they need for the next week... it was a challenge cause the mom Milagros... I have the hardest time understanding, it always sounds like shes trying to talk as fast as she can with her mouth as closed as she can while smiling... so I had to use all my brain power yesterday to understand all the things she was telling me to do and get and liquefy and cut. its safe to say I  was tired yesterday ha ha and there was a moment when she told me to get and do something in the the little house adobe thing they have and I went inside and I just stood there like "I  have NO idea what she wants" I had a moment ha ha ya spent all day doing that then after dinner we hiked with them down the jungle mountain in the dark with my little flashlight and I thought I  was going to die. Don't tigers live in the jungle? were my thoughts exactly. But I'm alive and all is well in the jungle. I'm pretty sure I ate all types of organisms yesterday ha ha but luckily I have moms natural medicine to keep me alive ha ha

Have an awesome week and remember the ETERNAL side of things and the important things in life because everything else is just satans distractions to make us forget the game plan so just Keep your eyes on the prize.

oh and read your scriptures #NOW.

biiiiiiig jungle hug and butterfly kisses

Hermana Rasmussen

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