Monday, June 16, 2014


Well this week was good my comp was in Lima for a lot of this week, we gave her money to buy us Duncan donuts which were of course so gewd!! so I worked with Hermana Irvine and Tango this week who live in my room and they are awesome, its always nice to go out with other Hermanas cause you learn so much. 

It was super duper hot this week, they say that these next two months until the rainy season are going to be super hot but then someone said its going to get cold at night ? i dunno but their version of cold is nothing, they are wearing a sweaters and its not even cold and they are drinking hot chocolate and then they tell me im going to get sick cause i was wearing sandals at night...they have weird beliefs about the cold and drinking cold things and getting sick its funny. 

I got the package! it felt like Christmas. the conference ensign...can I just say its GOLD. I'ts one of my most prized possessions right now,(that and my secret stash of chocolate in my suitcase). I read it every night, its like my spiritual dessert before bed. spiritual calories. There's so much truth and awesome guidance and comfort, why didn't I ever read it more before! 

Interviews with Prez were so awesome of course, He is so inspired and I heard exactly what I needed to hear. As a mission there's a big focus of faith, Faith verdadera, the faith leads you to expect the Lord to bless you and you KNOW that its going to happen because you have that much faith. 

Faith and Patience and trusting in the Lords plan has been the motto of my mission life as of recently, seems like every scripture and every talk I read talking about having patience and faith in tribulation and trusting in the Lord that he knows what He's doing. The scripture says doubt not, fear not. The lord is SO aware of us and wants to help us and bless us but its only AFTER the trial of our faith come the blessings and miracles. 

Love you all sooooo much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Rasmussen

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