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well this week has been suuuuper long. Tuesday were changes and Hermana Ignacio got the news that she got a change to Avancii on Monday and was scheduled to leave the next morning so if you can imagine there wasn't a lot of sleep Monday night and there was lots of food. we went with Ricardito a member and had leche de vaca (cows milk) and cake, and earlier that day we had eaten more cake and ice cream and that night we ate fried chicken and french fries..gotta love Quillabama. 

Hermana Ignacio arrived in Quillabamaba with 5 suitcases...yes 5! and she gave away a couple of them to future missionaries in the ward so now there was nowhere to put all her stuff, so when she packed she had to take one of my suitcases and shell send it back to me sometime soon.

Its crazy to think about these past 12 weeks and all the things that have happened and all that I've learned and experienced, wont lie they were super hard, but I've learned through these hard times and experiences we grow the most. 

Its outside of our comfort zones where the magic happens. The trick is to keep the faith when you can't see that light at the end of the tunnel and that's something I've learned a lot these past two changes. And to remember that there are ALWAYS roses to smell amongst the thorns. 

During my interview with President he mentioned the analogy that I love, about a nice modest cottage and the carpenter came to fix it up but started tearing down the walls and taking out the floor and the roof, and someone asked the carpenter what he was doing and he said I'm building a mansion. And its the same with us and heavenly father, sometimes it feels like our walls are being torn down and the roof is caving in and we dont know why but in reality we are being made into the Mansion that he knows we can become but it takes PACIENCE and FAITH to have trust that hes the carpenter and he knows what hes doing. This is something I'm only just beginning to understand but thankfully have had the opportunity to learn.

I worked with Hermana Dominguiez while Hermana whalen was in Cusco. I slept over in their apartment which is beautiful and it was a reeeeal good time even though she made me run in the morning 
ha ha. 

Scott I worked in your home turf for a day! its so Much nicer than my sector. In my sector there's a bar or two on every street oh and we live above a bar
ha ha. but no worries mom drunks aren't a problem thankfully. we are protected and I never feel scared. I'm more scared of the dogs than drunks.


But I got my new compy wednesday night! 
drum roll please.....Hermana Luque!!
Seriously I was so nervous about a new comp but enserio she is lo maximo!

shes from Ecuador but basically has lived in Spain her whole life in Barcelona. I'm planning on us becoming best friends so I can visit Spain after the miss ha ha
She is a lil loca but in the best way there's lots of smiling laughing so much love its Lo maximo! These next 6 weeks are going to be bomb. It's a little hard cause her Spanish is different to me and sometimes I can't understand her jokes but by the end I'm planning on getting this language down PAT by the end of this change. miracles happen people! 


We had a baptism on saturday!! for the refreshments we decided instead of buying a cake we would make one! #girlpower and it turned out pretty good I must say, I really didn't do anything but it was fun to watch! The baptism was scheduled at 8:30 because kiras stepdad had work but in latino time it started at 9 haha but it was great. I felt bad the poor girl had to put on wet baptismal clothes from the baptism that was earlier that night and she was soo cold and before walking into the water she was almost crying because she so scared that the water was going to be cold. There was a beautiful spirit there and when she bore her testimony was one of my favorite parts, shes so special and was ready to receive the gospel so she can be a strength in her family that has so many problems.

                         BAKING THE CAKE
Mom can you send me my recipe for banana bread because they don't believe that me or gringas can cook ha ha so I have to show my stuff and make all my fellow white girls proud ha ha
Hope everybody has an awesome week.
hermana Rasmussen

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