Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I'm in cuuuuscoooo. I just arrived. I'm here for like 3 days while my comp does some of her visa papers in Lima. I just got off a 6 hour bus ride where the lady next to me was getting mad at me that I had the window open until I told here that I  would throw up unless I had the window open..ha ha then she was nice to me. then the lady sitting in front of my reached her hand back and closed the window cause it was noisy...gahhh these peeps. then they all told me to sleep so I just closed my eyes and prayed and it worked I'm alive and here all is well. 

This week was pretty awesome, we had a branch ward activity that we were in charge of and did EVERYTHING. it was called gourmet international and each of us sisters made a dish from our native countries for people to try. So Hermana Tango made some Bolivian meat and potatoes dish thing and Hermana Irvine made Texas sheet cake ha ha and it was hilarious cause every time that everyone tried to pronounce and say the name it sounded like they were saying sexy (bad word) cake. jajaja yeeeeeaa we had a good laugh, and I made pancakesss! I got so excited they looked so purrty like the ones on PeeWees big adventure. #murica

So the baptism of kira was sooo grrrreat and now were working with her grandma and her sister and brother and her grandma Poli has a fecha to get baptized and so does her siblings but well see with them but its just so awesome to see the light in kira after her baptism and to watch her keep coming to church, its my fav.

My comp Hermana Luque has serious back muscle tension and the doctor said she needs a massage every morning and night so I've decided as a side job I'm going to be a massage therapist when I get got...#joke. the funny thing is my back is getting sore from giving back massages ha ha but its all good I love that I can serve her that way cause she has helped me so much. Even though shes been having health issues shes always smiling and laughing and I love her for it. 

Love all of you so much and I'am more and more grateful for you each and everyday seriously, its true you don't realize what you got until its gone. hope fourth of July is the bomb and like shania  Twain says so perfectly..LET FREEDOM RIIIIIIIIING!!!!!!

(eat a REAL hamburger for me and yummy potato salad and cafe rio) 

big hugs 

Hermana Rasmussen

                                Sisters Leaders came to visit

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