Tuesday, June 24, 2014


My favorite person in the mission (Branch president's son)

On our way to Manadura

Last Pday we went to Madanura and after a nice car ride with me and my comp squished in the front seat of a car and driving through the jungle to Madanura which is a cute little town with literally no body walking the streets, and after a nice walk we made it to the ruins. Not much to be seen, but cool non the less, we made a friend with a random dog and that's about the most interesting thing that happened there haha.

                                             This is all we found in Manadura

The work here in Quillabama is a little slow, there's a big lack of leadership and there about a gazillion less actives so the big push is to reactivate this place cause sunday morn bright and early 8 o clock there's about 7 members en la capilla...mmmm you could say there some room for improvement. My favorite is this little old Hermana that's always there reading her manuals and pamphlets of the church and she can't read and she marks...gahhh so cute and her wet grandma kisses...priceless

Kira is going to get Baptized! this Saturday! she is so cute, shes 13 and she is the daughter of one of our antiguo investigators and she is definitely a golden nugget. After we told her to pray to see if the church was true and if Joseph smith was a prophet, she had a DREAM that there was a man and he told her that the church was true and that Joseph smith was a prophet....say WHAaaaa. it was amazing to hear that. There is a LOT of problems in her family but I know this is going to help her a ton. Shes the one who lives in the chakra in the middle of the jungle that we went to. But it's going to be so awesome. I'm going to sing, not sure what yet but I'll let ya know.

This week we made gnocchi! its like pasta and spaghetti sauce but the pasta is made with papas and flour and egg, we learned one pday with the other hemanas and learned...well my comp mostly learned, and this week we made them with Polly (shes the grandma of kira) we made them in the little back room of her store and my comp accidentally put waaaaaay too much salt ha ha Polly was really nice about it and then was like we need to drink water like camels. Then on Saturday we made them again in the house of our pensionista and had the recipe down pat...sorta. but they came out good, was the closest thing to Italian I've had in a while, it was good for the soul. 

                                                  Gnocchi Time

Today we went to the zoo in Echarati with our pensionista her daughter and a member and her baby, its like half an hour from Quillabama. it was cool and sad, the monkeys were going nuts. They told us to be careful because the monkeys can steal our cameras. sorry mom I forgot to snatch you one of the monkey maids you've always wanted.

Shout out to papa Rasmussen for fathers day!!! I love you so much and am so grateful that you're my dad. you are such an example to me of hard work and diligence and strength not just in work and study but spiritually, i hope one day to get on your level ha ha. Thank you for everything your have done and are doing for me i know i don't know half of it but i feel your love and support and its such a strength to me out here in the mission field. hope yesterday was 

I challenge everyone this week to follow the counsel of prez Gordon B. Hinckely to every day try a little harder to be a little better. 

Big hugs and chocolate kisses

Hermana Rasmussen

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