Thursday, August 6, 2015


Mamá, primeramente "FELIZ CUMPLEAñOS" a la mejor madre del mundo. Te quiero muchisimo, y feliz dia de la independencia Peruana. Me siento muy agradecida por saber mas de tu cultura y lo maravillosos que son todos aqui en este lindo Peru.
como lo dirian aqui en Peru :))

Well this week is a blur. I literally wake up and it takes me about 3 minutes to figure out what day it is and whats happening...

We are working like mules. every day hermana Nuila and I while we are planning keep asking ourselves why there aren't more hours in the day.. there is NO TIME. 

Elder Useda came and gave a conference to all the pretty much BLEW my spiritual mind..he is so powerful.

 The first thing he basically said was: " need to repent! i had no intentions whatsoever to talk about this but the spirit is telling me otherwise" and then gave a stellar talk about repentance and how its beautiful and wonderful and not a punishment. and how suffering, asking for forgiveness, NOT repentance...repentance is an INNER CHANGE. It was amazing. it started at 2:30 and didn't end until 7:30...Spiritual overdose I must say. 
we have had some pretty amazing lessons. Marleni and Fernando are getting baptized at the 7th. which is such a blessing. they are so cute. 

not much time. 
have a great week LOVE YOU ALL!LL 

Hermana Rasmussen


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