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Well...what can I say...I'm dying... I will say with out being trunky that I am getting sadder and sadder everyday. It really hit me this week when I told my comp that how much time I have in the mission...first I started crying and then she started crying and I started crying harder then she stopped crying...I kept on crying . I really do feel at peace with all the work I'm doing and have done...its just sad...I don't want to leave.

I have never worked so hard in my mission these last two changes and it's been and awesome and super tiring but the fruits have been very sweet. about a month ago we were walking and there were some kids playing soccer and one was like "hello!" and I usually would have said hello  or something in English and kept walking, but something in me was like...talk to these kids. so we did, and I asked them were they lived and if they could take me to talk to their parents... and they did and we get to the house and one of the little girls was like oh and there's another lady that lives here hold on! and the lady came out with her son and we contacted her... and she has turned out to be an amazing investigator and we are teaching her and her son and her cousin who lives with her and they are going to get baptized in a couple of weeks... #miracles

I can't say enough how good the Lord is to us. I have heard and seen all types and sizes and colors of problems until my head has burst from listening to so many problems and I have realized especially from this point of view as a missionary how the Gospel is the answer. Its so simple and so many times we like to complicate things. 

President uchtdorf when he came and talked to us (which was amazing and by some miracle we sat in the last bench in the sacrament room) he said that so many people  come to him and say you're an apostle, what should I do?? and the two things that he would say to anybody is 

1.keep the commandments and

2. trust in the Lord. 

ITS that simple. If we truly want to be happy we just gotta do those 2 simple things.

Hermana Rasmussen

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