Wednesday, May 13, 2015



It was great talking to you guys yesterday. its reminded how much I really love my family and how weird and how a part of me you guys are ha-ha and Raquel and Daniel eating in front of the camera didn't help my super strong food cravings... 

Well I don't know if I've said this before but I loooove being a missionary! one of the best feelings is when you see the light bulb go off and see that they understand. 

This week we were teaching one of our investigators Vicentina the plan of salvation and this chick has gone to so many churches in her life and she really has big desires to find the truth and we were teaching the plan of salvation and when I shared a scripture in the bible about the preexistence when she read it she got so excited and now believes in the preexistence, just that moment made my whole day. and yesterday she came to church with her 3 little kids! she is great it just doesn't help that the Jehovah witness are confusing her! but we will win!!

So there's a focus in the mission to contact families whenever we see one in the street and sometimes its super awkward   and hard like sometimes the mom listens to us and her husband keeps walking or the other way around or they flat out reject us and we offer them a card and even the little kids wont take it  its like oh its fine I just have the key to your salvation and eternal happiness... but reading the book of Mormon and about the prophets especially in Ether,  rejection has always been a part of the work of salvation. There will be always be opposition to the Truth. but I really am blessed cause at least I don't have to live in a cave like the prophet
Ether...even though sometimes the house feels as cold as a cave...

But its gotten so much better now since we stole a room heater from the Elders in the office. Its now probably my favorite possession we have in the house. 
have a good ol ´murican week! Love youuuuu!!!!

good bless the usa



Hermana Rasmussen

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