Monday, March 2, 2015


Changes are crazyyy. one minute you're in Ollantaytambo eating a fig from the tree in your patio (so yummyyy) and next your on your way to cusco. 

So I was pretty sure this change I would have a change so I was 89% packed but I was super scared because the elders kept telling me lies jokingly of where I was going to go, so I was a bit stressed, so the day of cambios we went with all the sisters to Moray but the peeps there wouldn't let us in unless we payed 40 soles(way too much) so some guy took our cameras and took pictures of the ruins and then gave us back our cameras... kinda defeats the purpose but at least we now have pictures of the ruins there.

while we were there the elders called us and made up fake changes so for like 3 seconds I thought I was going to puerto, but being the liars that they are we didn't trust the info but then were all super nervous for changes...

went to internet...
I see the name of Hermana Ugarte....
san jeronimo..
sister training leader...
WAT O_O. tears... then Hermana Davis opens her email..shes going to Sicuani... we were not expecting that at ALL. the fact is in the mission they are closing the small sectors and focusing on the bigger cities and less missionaries are coming into the mission so...they closed Ollanta:( the missionaries in Urubamba are going to visit the people there. but long story short it was SUPER terribly sad leaving Ollanta. especially for our pensionista she cried probably 3 days straight. we felt so bad because shes going to be alone in the house except for the weekends when her daughters come from studying.

We were also thinking about the people that we were teaching and helping and now they aren't going to have that help...these changes have been just one big bawl fest if your can imagine... but I'm sure Heavenly Father will take care of them. 

we had ZERO time to say goodbye to anybody. I miss hermana Davis tons, after almost 5 months together in a place like Ollanta you get close, but we got big plans for after the mission like G-conf and a St.George trip and opening a pasterleria...haha Lots of plans

So my new area..San Jeronimo...its huge, its cold, not too pretty. haha well compared to Quilla and Ollanta cusco is like the Mr. Hyde of Peru. 

Cusco is not very pretty but it has EVERYTHING. I don't like it. there's a store called Plaza Vea and I walked in and its like walmart...I was like NOOO this is not Peru!!

   I look really tired..cause I am. 

My new comp is Hermana Ugarte, she's from Argentina and I'm guessing or at least hoping her Argentinian accent will rub off on me Shes awesome  and really nice. we live in a pretty nice house with 2 other sisters one from Bolivia and the other from ceder hills, the atmosphere in the house reminds me of Quillabamba, a bit crazy a times but fun.

more next week. 
Love youu!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hermana Rasmussen

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